Call for Proposals for the 2017 ITGA Conference Open Until February 1

The University of Oregon and City of Eugene are thrilled to host the 2017 ITGA Conference May 30-June 2. We are seeking dynamic, interactive and innovative presentations on subjects that provide insight into the many partnerships and topics in which our uni-versity communities and institutions of higher education engage.   

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"ITGA is an excellent way to network with peers and learn new ways of dealing with common sources of conflict in a town and gown community.  The annual conference and individual presentations are of enormous benefit,  chocked full of fresh ideas for your community or institution!" 

Lisa Dvorak, Community Liaison, San Marcos Police  


Member Spotlight


City Sells Surplus Land to Chapman University

Chapman University will buy 2.14 acres of vacant land from the city for $6.5 million to build more student housing. Champan President Daniele Struppa wants to increase the number of students living in school-controlled student housing from 36 percent to 50 percent. Struppa said he would like to see on-campus housing become mandatory for freshman and sophomores, reasoning that students will be more mature by the time they move off campus and into the community.

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