Community Police Academy

University of Maryland Police launched their Community Police Academy, giving a mix of 22 university students and staff a chance to walk in the shoes of University Police officers. Before graduating, participants will engage in a use-of-force discussion, meet the K9 unit and participate in a ride along. 

Why You Should Attend the 2017 ITGA Conference:

"Our ITGA-fostered connections and the opportunity to share and hear what others are doing to strengthen town-gown relationships have proven to be invaluable. The simple act of preparing for and following up on what we learn at the conference each year has brought Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo governmental and community partners closer together."

Courtney Kienow, Director of Community Relations, Cal Poly  

Member Spotlight


Company Coaches Laramie on Bringing in Businesses

City Manager Janine Jordan said in a press release that even though Laramie has a thriving downtown, the community has room for more retailers, especially when she compares it to other college towns. 

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