Earn Your Certificate in Town Gown Relations at the ITGA Conference

ITGA is offering Level I and II Certificate in Town Gown Relations at the ITGA Conference. Take advantage of this professional devel-opment opportunity and interact with campus community professionals around the world seeking solutions to challenges and opportu-nities common to college towns.       

Cornell University to Host One Day Conference in Ithaca, NY  

Cornell University's Office of Community Relations plans to hold a one-day regional conference on town-gown economic develop-ment in Ithaca, NY, on Thursday, March 31, 10am-4pm. This event, hosted by Cornell University, at no charge to ITGA members, is capped at 120 attendees. 

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New UMass, Amherst Liaisons Working to Improve Neighborhood Life 

They joke about their unlikely partnership - a lawyer and a cop. But since September, Eric Beal, the lawyer, and William Laramee, the cop, have been out on the streets meeting with students, talking to long-time residents and coordinating meetings with landlords to address chronic issues such as noise. 

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