Off-Campus Housing 

Keene State College gave a warm welcome to off-campus students this year with a Move-In Kit. The Office of Student and Community Relations partnered with the Local Fire and Police Departments, the Coalition for Tobacco Free Communities, the Crisis Center for Violence Prevention and campus offices and programs.   

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The ITGA Annual Conference

The ITGA annual conference is the world's largest network of campus community pro-fessionals that meet annually to share promising practices that address the unique issues and opportunities common to insti-tutions of higher education and their host communities. Watch the YouTube video from the 2016 ITGA conference to see why you should join us in Eugene, Oregon next year! 

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Member Spotlight


Cal Poly is Working to Improve Town Gown Relations

One of the goals at Cal Poly is to continue working cooperatively with the San Luis Obispo community to strengthen relationships and improve the quality of life for all who live there. And those efforts are award-winning, having received the Larry Abernathy Award from the ITGA this year for the Neighborhood Wellness/Community Civility report and plan.    
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