Business and Engagement for the Common Good       

As a land grant university, Cornell University's commitment to partnership, investments, and service plays out in a number of ways. Two representative campus-community initiatives in Ithaca and Tompkins County touch both on the power of collaborations and never settling for business as usual. 
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University of Waterloo Students Get Mental Health Kits This Fall 

First-year students at the University of Waterloo will receive a mental health first aid kit during orientation for the first time this year. They're called a PASS kit, which stands for panic, anxiety and stress support. The kits were developed by one of the university's own students.    
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Member Spotlight


College Park City-University Partnership

Leadership from the College Park City-University Partnership, City of College Park, University of Maryland, and State of Maryland, local businesses and residents came together to unveil new artistic lighting on Baltimore Avenue's Paint Branch Bridge. The bridge is at the heart of the bustling mid-town of College Park. The LED lights provide a wash of color to the bridge, enlivening and invigorating this area between campus and community.  

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