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Join us at the ITGA Annual Conference and attend daily sessions and round table discussions that offer innovative solutions, promising practices and networking oppor-tunities for town-gown professionals. You will learn evidenced-based solutions for improving town-gown relations in your community.   

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Why You Should Attend the 2017 ITGA Conference:

"For me, the ITGA Conference affirms the prevention and community building work we do. It is an invaluable way to connect with other town-gown professionals, and energizes me with fresh approaches to consider in my community.  
Eric Beal, Neighborhood Liaison, University of Massachusetts Amherst   

Member Spotlight


Mayor Harmon Works to Improve Town-Gown Relations

Three months into her term, San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmin works to strengthen the city's relationship with Cal Poly students. Fighting for students' best interests and mending the relationships between school and city is at the top of her prioroty list.  

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