College Park City-University Partnership Forum

The College Park City-University Partnership, a community development corporation, was founded as a partnership between the UMD and the City of College Park. You are invited to learn about this collaboration and how the Partnership represents a new way to think about university communities nationwide. 

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Ohio State Ups Incentives for Employees to Buy Homes 

The university expanded its Homeowner Incentive Program which provides forgivable loans to staff looking to buy a home in the University District and the Near East Side. The program provides a zero-interest forgivable loan for down payment on a house.

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Nellis Hopes to Continue Strong Relations with City of Athens

In his past university presidencies, Ohio University President Duane Nellis has always held strong ties with city administrators, a tradition he hopes to continue at OU.  Nellis said a good relationship with the Cty of Athens is vital for OU's success. Neither  OU nor the City of Athens could survive without the other, Nellis said.

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