Call for Proposals Open Until February 1, 2018

The Ohio State University and City of Coumbus are excited to host The 2018 ITGA City & University Relations Conference, May 29-June 1. The comprehensive theme and tracks allow for a broad range of discussions around the challenges and opportunities common to institutions of higher education and their host communities.  

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How Can Universities Strengthen Town-Gown Relations?     

University towns are in an advantageous position, according to Dr. Martin, Director of the Center for Community Partnerships at the UCF. He believes that as we translate into a knowledge society, the need for synergy between town and gown is stronger than ever.  

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Member Spotlight


Cornell Town-Gown Awards    

Community members celebrated the public service careers of retiring local officials and community members at Cornell University's annual Town-Gown Awards. The event also marked one of the first events attended by all three presidents from Ithaca College, Cornell University and Tompkins Cortland Community College.   

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