UM Students' App Brings Discounts to Users, Supports Local Businesses

Companies in Ann Arbor looking to increase foot traffic and sales can now advertise in nearby locations, serving the local small business community and college students looking for discounts. Spade, a mobile application in early December, aims to help local small businesses advertise for one another.    

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Why You Should Attend the 2017 ITGA Conference:

"ITGA is an excellent way to network with peers and learn new ways of dealing with common sources of conflict in a town and gown community.  The annual conference and individual presentations are of enormous benefit,  chocked full of fresh ideas for your community or institution!" 

Lisa Dvorak, Community Liaison, San Marcos Police  


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College Station Named One of the Best Collge Towns in the Country

College Station has been named one of the best college towns in the U.S. While it was 7th overall on the American Institute for Economic Research, it ranked number one for bars and restaurants. The report states that the town "comes alive" during the school year, and because it is home to Texas A&M University has "above-average diversity and innovation levels."  

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