Call for Nominations for the 2018 ITGA Awards

Each year, the ITGA recognizes members who work toward improving the quality of life in campus communities. This is an opportunity for university or college professionals, city or county officials and staff, community leaders or students to receive recognition for the work they do to better their communities. Nominate someone today.     

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Testimonials About the Value of Attending the ITGA Conference

"For me, the ITGA Conference affirms the prevention and community building work we do. It is an invaluable way to connect with other town-gown professionals, and energizes me with fresh approcahes to consider in my community."  
Eric Beal, Neighborhood Liaison, University of Massachusetts Amherst   

Member Spotlight


Chapel Hill and UNC Launch Party Registration    

The Chapel Hill Police Department and its UNC partners launched the Party Registration Program this week in neighborhoods and apartment complexes throughout the town. The program lets students register their off-camus parties online and at UNC's Office of Community Involvement. If police get a noise complaint about a registered party, they will call or text the host, giving them 20 minutes to lower the volume or end the party.    

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