2014 Conference Hosted by Clemson University



ITGA Conference 2014 Testimonials

"The conference was well planned."
"A 'best value' for building best practices."
"I found it extremely valuable for networking."
"A must do for any one who cares about town gown."
"Sessions were 4-star!"
"Excellent format. Great hospitality."
"It was great to learn from outstanding colleagues."
"Great opportunity to share ideas!"
"Amazing experience! Highly recommend for anyone."
"Overall a great experience! Clemson was a great host."
"This was my first time and hopefully won't be my last."
"There were a good variety of topics presented."
"This conference provided a terrific learning and sharing environment."
"I work in a small office but left with 250+ Colleagues"
"The City and University were awesome hosts!"
"Best conference I have attended in decades!"
"The Clemson town-gown relationship is impressive!"
"It was well done!"
"Three days provides a year's worth of knowledge!"
"A must do for any one who cares about town gown."
"Top-notch conference! Very well organized!"
"It was an illuminating experience."
"Great job! It was definitely one of the best-organized conferences that I've attended."
"This year's conference was a model for future conferences."
"It was A+ from start to finish!"