Why Join ITGA?


Benefits of Joining ITGA

  • Professional development opportunities through Level 1 and Level II Certificate Programs;
  • The weekly Dateline Newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on current topics and events in campus communities around the world;
  • Unlimited access to the College Town Resource Center-a compilation of town-gown documents, PowerPoint presentations, research and initiatives; 
  • Access to the largest network of campus community professionals around the world that meet annually to share strategies and leading practices in town-gown relations;
  • Recognition of best practices in town gown communities through the Larry Abernathy Award, ITGA Presidential Excellence Award and; 
  • Access to the town-gown Listserv and membership directory.   

See What Our Members Are Saying

"I have found the ITGA to be an excellent resource center on everything Town and Gown--from off-campus housing, to economic development partnership, to engaging the university community with the region we serve. The members of the ITGA are an engaged resource of knowledge that can be shared, scaled and implemented to fit the needs of any Town Gown community."
                                    David Lossing, University of Michigan-Flint  
"The ITGA has been a wealth of information. Since there is little research regarding off-campus housing and student behavioral issues, I have often felt very isolated in trying to address town-gown issues. During my association with the organization, I have found other professionals dealing with similar issues and challenges. The ITGA has given me exposure to other communities as well as helpful advice and programmatic ideas that can be implemented on my own campus."  
                                 Susan Stafford, University of Colorado Boulder                      
"Joining the ITGA has made the work of the Office of Community Engagement much easier and exciting. When I learned about this organization, I immediately knew that this would be a good place to find answers on how to enhance the existing Town/Gown relationships. Our first experience with the ITGA was to invite our local officials, landlords, law enforcement and University representatives to participate as a group on the inaugural ITGA Certificate Program. Ten of us, together, learned at this program an array of issues impacting not only this Town and Gown but others across the nation and the world. At the end of the program, we decided on a capstone project including a Welcome Video targeting our new/return students that included a message from the City Mayor and the President of the University. This has never been done before. Indeed, the ITGA gives you the skills on how to brake barriers and bring communities together."  
                                  Gloria Aparicio Blackwell, University of Maryland, College Park