Conference Presentations

Controlling Crime and Disorder in Rental Properties: The Perspective of the Rental Property Manager
This research presents the findings of a survey administered to rental property managers in State College, PA.
Cops, Campus, and Community-Training Campus Police in Washington, D.C.
Community members will also learn how joint training can benefit campus-community communications in what is sometimes a fraught area—policing a college campus within a hosting community.
Cornell's Transportation-focused Generic Environmental Impact Statement: Cornell, VHB
The presentation focuses on improving transportation related issues at Cornell University.
Creating a Town Gown Culture of Mutual Benefit
This session, co-sponsored by the ITGA and ICMA, focuses on the transformation of the relationship between Northern Illinois University and its host community, DeKalb, Illinois. Following decades of separate and siloed planning efforts, the City and University are now working on joint planning initiatives.
Creating a University Footprint
For 130 years the town of Princess Anne and The University of Maryland Eastern Shore have co-existed with highs and lows. Birthed from the need for a sustainable footprint in downtown Princess Anne, aka “The Historic District” UMES is taking strides to reach beyond the confines of their campus boundaries to create an image that is incorporated into the Historic District of Princess Anne.
Creating Frostburg's Cooler Future
Frostburg State University focuses on the need to create a non-violent culture through conflict resolution strategies.
Creating Safer Partying Environments: West Lafayette, Purdue University
Purdue University and West Lafayette bring campus and community together to form a bar coalition for a safer partying environment.
Creating Seamless Learning through Partnership Development; a Community Workshop Series
The presentation provides an overview of each workshop and its desired learning outcome.
Creating Strong Town-Gown Relatonships
Cooperation between a college or university and the surrounding community leads to development, jobs, income and success for all. Here’s why it matters — for everyone.
Creative Relationships- An Australian Experience of Town & Gown Partnerships
With four regional campuses and a metropolitan base, La Trobe University is seeking to capitalize on the characteristics of each of its locations to create unique learning experiences for its students. A close working relationship with the City has facilitated piloting of exciting developments in Bendigo that will provide the blue-print for further innovation.
CU Water Drop Project: Clemson University
CU Water Drop is a student led initiative that provides free water to events serving alcohol in order to offer an alternative to alcoholic beverages and rehydrate college student party guests (which in turn dilutes the effects of alcohol).
Cultivating Allies
Attendees will walk away with a variety of ideas to turn the tide on university-community relations in order to take a more proactive approach to community relations.
Cultivating Neighbor Relations in Overbrook Farms: Philadelphia, PA
How Saint Joseph's University is improving town gown relations by addressing quality of life issues off-campus.
Culture Clash: Legal Marijuana & the Drug Free Schools Act
There are wide-ranging and often unforeseen impacts of “normalizing” marijuana use. Data demonstrating trends in young adult marijuana use, correlated to marijuana laws, will be presented. Approaches to preventing and addressing marijuana use consistent with the Drug Free Schools & Communities Act is also discussed.
Data Driven Community Relations: Formulas for Common Vision
Attend this session to learn how to use multiple data sets to inform new strategies and practices based on MSU’s case model. We will share focus group results, survey outcomes and student mapping data.
Data Driven Innovation: Identifying the Best Strategies for Your Community
Fortunately, most college communities have ready access to data that can be mined to discover the highest areas of need. National surveys such as the NCHA and YRBS, as well as public and aggregate information from law enforcement, community surveys, and other sources can be easily accessed and analyzed.
Data-Driven Community Relations: Using Student Mapping Data to Advance the Conversation
Data-Driven Community Relations: Using Student Mapping Data to Advance the Conversation. Presenters: Suchitra Webster, Community Liaison, and Janet Lillie, Assistant Vice President for Community Relations, Michigan State University
DC's College and University Sustainability Pledge: Lessons Learned from 'the Greenest College Town in America
The panel discussion "DC’s CUSP: Lessons Learned from ‘the Greenest College Town in America’” will bring together key actors in the design and implementation of the innovative 10 section commitment to make the District of Columbia and each of its schools national leaders in sustainability.
Delaware Will Shine
This strategic plan addresses 5 principles: Delaware First, Diversity, Partnership. Engagement, and Impact.
Designing Futures: A Collaborative Small Town Charette Experience
A collaborative effort to create a system of cyclist routes around a small town.
Developing a Community Coalition to Address High Risk and Underage Consumption
The Frostburg Community Coalition was formed in 2011 to develop and implement strategies to address high-risk and underage alcohol consumption in the Frostburg Community. The program will provide an overview of the coalitions work and will highlight our efforts to work with law enforcement, the regional high school, and the alcohol establishments. The strategies discussed in this program can be easily implemented in other communities.
Developing a Comprehensive County-Wide Economic Development Plan with a Town & Gown Touch: EKU
This presentation describes how how EKU, Richmond and Berea developed a comprehensive economic development plan.
Different Worlds and Common Ground: Community Partner Perspectives on Campus-Community Partnerships
This qualitative study includes focus group research involving 99 experienced community partners across eight California communities using community-based research techniques to capture community voices about their service-learning partnerships with different colleges and universities.
Does Crime Really Pay?
This session will cover the Community Living Class, which is a partnership between Off- Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations, CU’s Student Conduct and Restorative Justice program, and the Boulder Municipal Court.
Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse: How to Successfuly Perform a Town-Gown Charrette
There are key elements that need to be in place to perform a successful town-gown charrette for optimal collaboration and productivity. Broaddus Planning was engaged to prepare a campus concept master plan and facility program for the first building of Tarleton State University's new Fort Worth campus.
Downtown Bars: Collaborated Efforts for Solutions
Guelph Police Department highlights collaborative solutions to common problems associated with downtown bar scenes.
Downtown Engagement: A Model for Campus Community Collaboration: The University of Scranton
This presentation highlights the downtown engagement initiative between the University of Scranton and the City of Scranton.
Dr. Bruce Yandle: Town & Gown and the Knowledge Economy
A discussion on the value of Town & Gown issues in the knowledge economy.
Dr. Donald Mish & Judge Linda Cooke - In the Weeds: The Wild and Wacky World of Legal Marijuana
A presentation on the legalization of marijuana in Colorado.
Dr. Jeff Martin, Dr. Steve Gavazzi, Dr. Michael Fox: A Town Gown Typology
Understanding town-gown issues through the use of marriage metaphors.
Dr. Thomas Workman - In This Together: Collaborating to Address Alcohol and Other High Risk Problems
Working together to tackle alcohol and other town-gown issues.
Drinking on Campus-What do we know about reducing alcohol use among college students?
Drinking and related problems on the college campus have reached near epidemic levels. In order to address this trend, many colleges have launched alcohol prevention and intervention programs for college students.
Durham College and University of Ontario Institute of Technology Joint Campus Master Plan
The CMP is intended to proactively address land use and infrastructure development in order to meet evolving academic and student needs.
Economic Situation Report June 2014
An economic situation report by Dr. Bruce Yandle, distinguished adjunct professor of economics at George Mason University.
Eds Meds and the Feds: How the Federal Government Can Foster the Role of Anchor Institutions in Community Revitalization
This report provides an overview of how the federal government has worked with anchor institutions in community revitalization.
Elevated Partnerships: A 40-year Partnership Between Colorado State University-Pueblo and Rocky Mountain PBS: Colorado State University, Rocky Mountain PBS
Learn best practices for how to maximize the student learning experience through strategic community partnerships.
Engaged Institutions, Responsiveness, and Town-Gown Relationships
This article describes a theoretical framework for understanding the dynamics in town gown relationships.
Engagement in Revisioning and Planning for a Near-Campus Neighbourhood in the City of Waterloo, Canada
A case study on the evolution of public participation in planning for land use in the City of Waterloo, Canada.
Engaging In Stakeholder Consensus Building Processes To Enact New Ordinances
In this session, attendees will hear about how the city of Berkeley, CA and the University of California, Berkeley and 16 other stakeholders collaborated through a consensus building process to produce ordinance revisions approved by the Berkeley City Council on January 26, 2016 to address the problems associated with student alcohol consumption.
Engaging Students to Bridge the “Real World” Gap between Campus and Community
Engaging Students to Bridge the “Real World” Gap between Campus and Community. Presenters: Jason Dedrick, Senor Policy Analyst, City of Eugene; and Bethany Steiner, Instructor, Department of Public Policy, Planning and Management, University of Oregon; and Quinn Haaga, course participant and President, Associated Students of the University of Oregon
Enhancing Neighborhood Livability through Town & Gown Relations
Created in the early 1990's, the Neighborhood Action Team is comprised of staff from the Town of Normal and Illinois State University. By engaging with neighborhood associations, landlords, and students, the Neighborhood Action Team has increased livability in near campus neighborhoods, helped students understand their role as community members.
Expand Your Digital Horizon: Enhance Your Off-Campus Outreach with Free and Engaging Online Tools
This presentation identifies free online resources and opportunities for you to create thoughtful and accessible content and enhance your outreach.

Exploring Solutions Together – Dealing with Complex Planning Problems in a University Town
Exploring Solutions Together – Dealing with Complex Planning Problems in a University Town. Presenters: Erin Beaudin, CAO, Town of Wolfville, NS; and Michael Fox, Professor of Geography and Environment, Mount Allison University, Canada
Extraordinary Partnership between Arizona State University and the City of Phoenix
Learn about a town gown partnership between ASU and the City of Phoenix that resulted in the establishment of the ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus in 2006.
Fair Share vs. Fair Shot: Squaring What Cities Want and What Nonprofits Should Pay to Make a Fair Deal
Finding a way to reach a fair economic plan between cities and nonprofits.
Final Report of Faculty Senate Greek Life Task Force
Learn about the Faculty Senate Greek Life Task Force recommendations that align Greek Life with existing Vanderbilt policy governing student residential, social and academic life.
Findings & Recommendations of the Town/Gown Collaborative to Reduce the Negative Impacts of High-Risk Drinking
The Town/Gown Collaborative used a series of guiding principles to develop a comprehensive set of 22 recommendations to reduce the negative impacts of high-risk drinking on three areas: the University, Neighborhoods/ Community, and Downtown. These recommendations are intended to be synergistic, not stand-alone.
Findings from the UK Town and Gown Association ‘Town and Gown: Today and Tomorrow’ Conference November 2016: The Best of British
Findings from the UK Town and Gown Association ‘Town and Gown: Today and Tomorrow’ Conference November 2016: The Best of British. Presenters: Cooper Healey, Manager; and Poppy Humphrey, Off Campus Student Affairs Officer, Manchester Student Homes; Tim Woodman-Clarke, Head of Student Accommodation Services, Nottingham Trent University
Fostering Economic Revitalization Through Academic Partnership
City, County, State, and Federal economic development agencies partnered with Cornell University to conceptualize the Cornell Agriculture and Food Technology Park (The Technology Farm); a 70-acre campus and incubator facility, designed to harness the research and academic resources of Cornell, and translate them into economic assets for the region.
Fraternity and Sorority Event Registration & Fire Safety: Pre-registration and inspection of fraternity & sorority in-house events:
Jim Patton, Fire Prevention Officer, Fire Marshal, Corvallis Fire Department and Oregon State University
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