Conference Presentations

Cultivating Allies
This presentation shares a variety of ideas to turn the tide on university-community relationships in order to take a more proactive approach.
Cultivating Neighbor Relations in Overbrook Farms: Philadelphia, PA
This presentation shows how Saint Joseph's University is improving town gown relations by addressing quality of life issues off-campus.
Culture Clash: Legal Marijuana & the Drug Free Schools Act
This presentation addresses the wide-ranging and often unforeseen impacts of “normalizing” marijuana use. Approaches to preventing and addressing marijuana use consistent with the Drug Free Schools & Communities Act is also discussed.
Data Driven Community Relations: Formulas for Common Vision
This presentation addresses how to use multiple data sets to inform new strategies and practices based on MSU’s case model. Presenters share focus group results, survey outcomes and student mapping data.
Data Driven Innovation: Identifying the Best Strategies for Your Community
This presentations shows how to use data to understand your community.
Data-Driven Community Relations: Using Student Mapping Data to Advance the Conversation
Presenters share outcomes, student mapping data and examples of how some of this information was utilized to take conversations to the next level.
DC's College and University Sustainability Pledge: Lessons Learned from 'the Greenest College Town in America
The panel discussion "DC’s CUSP: Lessons Learned from ‘the Greenest College Town in America’” will bring together key actors in the design and implementation of the innovative 10 section commitment to make the District of Columbia and each of its schools national leaders in sustainability.
Developing a Community Coalition to Address High Risk and Underage Consumption
This program provides an overview of the coalition's work and will highlight their efforts to work with law enforcement, the regional high school, and the alcohol establishments. The strategies discussed in this program can be easily implemented in other communities.
Developing a Comprehensive County-Wide Economic Development Plan with a Town & Gown Touch: EKU
This presentation describes how how EKU, Richmond and Berea developed a comprehensive economic development plan.
Does Crime Really Pay?
This session will cover the Community Living Class, which is a partnership between Off- Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations, CU’s Student Conduct and Restorative Justice program, and the Boulder Municipal Court.
Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse: How to Successfuly Perform a Town-Gown Charrette
There are key elements that need to be in place to perform a successful town-gown charrette for optimal collaboration and productivity.
Downtown Engagement: A Model for Campus Community Collaboration: The University of Scranton
This presentation highlights the downtown engagement initiative between the University of Scranton and the City of Scranton.
Dr. Bruce Yandle: Town & Gown and the Knowledge Economy
A discussion on the value of Town & Gown issues in the knowledge economy.
Dr. Donald Mish & Judge Linda Cooke - In the Weeds: The Wild and Wacky World of Legal Marijuana
A presentation on the legalization of marijuana in Colorado.
Dr. Jeff Martin, Dr. Steve Gavazzi, Dr. Michael Fox: A Town Gown Typology
Understanding town-gown issues through the use of marriage metaphors.
Dr. Thomas Workman - In This Together: Collaborating to Address Alcohol and Other High Risk Problems
Working together to tackle alcohol and other town-gown issues.
Economic Situation Report June 2014
An economic situation report by Dr. Bruce Yandle, distinguished adjunct professor of economics at George Mason University.
Elevated Partnerships: A 40-year Partnership Between Colorado State University-Pueblo and Rocky Mountain PBS: Colorado State University, Rocky Mountain PBS
Learn best practices for how to maximize the student learning experience through strategic community partnerships.
Engagement in Revisioning and Planning for a Near-Campus Neighbourhood in the City of Waterloo, Canada
A case study on the evolution of public participation in planning for land use in the City of Waterloo, Canada.
Engaging In Stakeholder Consensus Building Processes To Enact New Ordinances
In this session, attendees will hear about how the city of Berkeley, CA and the University of California, Berkeley and 16 other stakeholders collaborated through a consensus building process to produce ordinance revisions approved by the Berkeley City Council to address the problems associated with student alcohol consumption.
Engaging Students to Bridge the “Real World” Gap between Campus and Community
In partnership with the City of Eugene, this class gives undergraduate students the opportunity to delve into current Town & Gown issues as they generate creative solutions unique to a younger generation.
Enhancing Neighborhood Livability through Town & Gown Relations
Created in the early 1990's, the Neighborhood Action Team is comprised of staff from the Town of Normal and Illinois State University. By engaging with neighborhood associations, landlords, and students, the Neighborhood Action Team has increased livability in near campus neighborhoods, helped students understand their role as community members.
Expand Your Digital Horizon: Enhance Your Off-Campus Outreach with Free and Engaging Online Tools
This presentation identifies free online resources and opportunities for you to create thoughtful and accessible content and enhance your outreach.

Exploring Solutions Together – Dealing with Complex Planning Problems in a University Town
The Town of Wolfville and Acadia University created a series of background research papers on contemporary issues and conflicts and gathered experts together at a symposium on housing issues so that planning documents would be informed by a variety of viewpoints and proposed solutions.
Fair Share vs. Fair Shot: Squaring What Cities Want and What Nonprofits Should Pay to Make a Fair Deal
Finding a way to reach a fair economic plan between cities and nonprofits.
Findings from the UK Town and Gown Association ‘Town and Gown: Today and Tomorrow’ Conference November 2016: The Best of British
The session discusses the key highlights from the UKTGA Conference and provide an overview of strategic approaches developed by British based University Towns and Cities. 
Food waste collection in Eugene Supports a Sustainable Campus
This presentation will highlight the innovative public/private partnership that is a vital component of this program, and discuss how the LFNW program provides resources for organizational and event related sustainability initiatives.
Fraternity and Sorority Event Registration & Fire Safety: Pre-registration and inspection of fraternity & sorority in-house events:
This session will highlight the importance of a strong and united partnership between campus and local fire officials and some tips on how to secure that positive relationship.
Freshman Service: Making an Impact from Day One
Getting new students positively involved in the local neighborhoods.
From a College in the Park to a University in the City
While home to almost 38,000 students and employing almost 10,000 faculty and staff, College Park has never developed into a vibrant college town. To address this, the University of Maryland and the City of College Park have formed a powerful working alliance to revitalize College Park and the Route 1 commercial corridor.
From Co-working to Tech Parks: Chicago’s Universities Create Spaces for Innovation and Entrepreneurs
Many of Chicago’s universities have boldly embraced the national movement to introduce innovation and entrepreneurship into curricula and to realize the results by developing spaces to support start-up companies from students, faculty and the broader community. These initiatives have gained the support of Chicago’s mayors, the business leadership of the city, and state and federal government.
From Fractured to Friendly: Building Off-Campus Relationships in a Challenging Housing Environment
The economic downturn of 2007 created unique housing opportunities in the sleepy bedroom community surrounding Stony Brook University. Unscrupulous landlords illegally converted 3 and 4 bedroom homes into unsafe rooming houses, renting to 8-10 students each semester. Three years later, community leaders sent a letter in December thanking Stony Brook for its responsiveness.
From GREIGE GOODS to GIGABIT Knowledge Park Master Plan Handout
In preparing a Request for Qualifications for a major downtown project, the city of Rock Hill., S.C., successfully employed a range of strategies that increased the number and caliber of developers who responded – as well as their investment in pursuing the project and producing results
FROM INCIDENTAL TO INTENTIONAL: positioning UTHSC to anchor change and transform its neighborhood
This session will highlight the integrated planning process for University of Tennessee Health Science Center, focus on community engagement, and reveal the resulting new partnerships and place-based implementation strategies in the Memphis Medical Center.
From Jackhammers To Late Night Parties: Communicating In Challenging Solutions
Learn best practices in communicating methods for involving constituents and students in positive outreach for improving town gown relations.
From Litigants to Partners: A Case Study of the Georgetown Community Partnership:
Universities and their communities are often positioned as opponents in planning and neighborhood life issues. Georgetown University has had a contentious history with its community, which involved decades of litigation over the university’s campus plans. The presentation will provide lessons for university staff in community relations, student affairs, or campus planning, and for community and civic leaders.
FROM VACANT LOTS TO GATEWAY HOUSING: Positioning university property to anchor redevelopment and transform connectivity
This session highlights the new and evolving public private partnership planning process for University of Tennessee Health Science Center.
Game Day : alcohol use and misuse before, during and after college sporting events
William Georges, a consultant to both major league and college sports on fan conduct and alcohol issues, will lead a discussion about alcohol use and misuse before, during and after college sporting events, and the experience of colleges that have introduced alcohol sales into their stadia. 
Global Cities Initiative: DC’s College and Universities Go International
14 members of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area entered a partnership which led to Washington, DC becoming one of 29 cities worldwide focused on an improving its regional export economy in order to enhance overall regional growth.
Good Neighbor Program
The Good Neighbor initiative’s primary goal is to enhance the quality of life for both permanent and student residents of the community by addressing the situations that occur, facilitating discussions to remove any barriers that are present, and fostering positive neighborhood relationships among all participants.
Good Neighbors, Great Partners: Building the Northwestern University – Evanston Township High School Partnership on STEM Education and Beyond
This session will outline the history and development of the partnership; describe its programs and activities; highlight how the partnership works and its outcomes and impacts; and define and demonstrate best practices for school-university partnerships.
Growing a Campus in the City: Integrating Planning at the College of Charleston
Attend this session and learn strategies for integrating neighborhood development and master planning.
High-er Education: Marijuana In Colorado
Considerations on the legalization of marijuana in Colorado.
Housing or Community Officer? Both! How positive Town and Gown relationships can be forged from a University Housing perspective
This session will take you through the journey that University of Sussex have made out into the communities that surround their campus, from a University Housing perspective.
How a campus University reached out to its city community through a new community base – University of Sussex: a new initiative from the UK
Learn how a campus University in the UK opened an off-campus community base to bring local community groups together at a time when the university was expanding from 13,000 to 18,000 students in a densely populated beachside city.
How Community Colleges Can Use Community Partnerships to Lead and Ignite Economic Revitalization
The project, built on a site that had for years included an unsightly pit where a former building had been, included student housing and helped ignite local economic revitalization.
How to Live in the Community
Nottingham, England, is home to over 35,000 students studying at the University of Nottingham, with over 14,000 students living in the private rented sector. We will identify and show how we tackle challenges in the UK.
I know – it’s only Town/Gown relationships, but I like it
This session will look at the success, failures, and lessons learned in Town/Gown relations through the lens of Rock and Roll. If you’ve ever wondered “What’s Goin’ On?” this might be the session for you. This session is sponsored by the National League of Cities-University Communities Council.
Implementing Bike Share: A Partnership between the City of Eugene, Lane Transit District, and the University of Oregon
After joint efforts to secure funding and complete a feasibility study, the City received a state grant in 2015 that would make bike share possible, along with earlier funding from the Associated Students of the University of Oregon.
Improving Community And Municipal Relationships By Partnerships Through Research Grants
Learn how Rutgers improved relations between the university and city through research grants.
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