Conference Presentations

In The Weeds The Wild And Wacky World Of Legal Marijuana 1
Part one of a discussion on the legalization of marijuana in Colorado.
In The Weeds The Wild And Wacky World Of Legal Marijuana 2
Part two of a discussion on the legalization of marijuana in Colorado.
In This Together: Collaborating To Address Alcohol And Other Problems
Working together to tackle alcohol and other town-gown issues.
Innovations in Party Crawl Prevention Strategies
Learn how UMass implemented environmental management strategies to improve the quality of life in off-campus living.
Inter-City Visits-Going Away to Come Together
Inter-City Visits are great tools for bringing together university leadership, elected officials, local non-profits and community members to consider serious community issues in a fun, positive environment.
Interdepartmental Communication: Tools from the Nation's Capital: George Washington University
Learn about communication and outreach strategies and initiatives at George Washington University.
International Geographies of Studentification
This session will draw upon research findings from studies of studentification in UK and Ireland, Australia (Melbourne), Canada (Montreal), China (Beijing), and Norway (Oslo) to show that urban places across the globe are being transformed by concentrations of student housing in distinct parts of university towns and cities.
International Students and Your Community The Challenges and Opportunities: Michigan State University
Learn about the challenges and opportunities related to international students at MSU.
ITGA - RRForum Strategic Alliance: an update on the development of an alcohol responsibility program for ITGA members
This session will focus on the evidence and challenges relating to alcohol in college communities and how the Alcohol Responsibility Program that RRForum is developing for ITGA is responding to some of these challenges.
ITGA 2015 Conference Program (Schedule Only)
The 2015 ITGA Conference Program schedule.
ITGA Survey Summary 2013
In February 2013, the International Town-Gown Association (ITGA) partnered with Brailsford and Dunlavey (B&D) to conduct a pilot survey about the unique issues and opportunities facing universities and the communities in which they reside. This report provides a summary of the process and an analysis of the results.
ITGA Survey Summary 2014
View a presentation summarizing the results of the 2014 ITGA survey.
ITGA Survey Summary 2015
This is a summary of the 2015 ITGA Survey responses.
ITGA Survey Summary Condensed 2014
In 2014, the second iteration of the annual iTGA survey incorporated changes to collect more comprehensive data on town-gown relationships. This report provides a summary of the process and analysis of the results.
ITGA Town Gown Assessment 2014
This is a summary of the survey results for ITGA members.
Joint Police Advisory Council: A Tale of Two Police Forces: Ohio University
In an all too familiar economic climate of continuous budget cuts, cities and universities must identify ways to do more with less. The City of Athens, Ohio and Ohio University (OU) have developed a way to capitalize on the symbiotic relationship between their law enforcement agencies.
Joint Safety Services: Kent Ohio Case Study
A case study in joint safety services.
Large-Scale Parties: Can They Be Stopped?
Leap Day. Cherry Stock. Around The World. These are some of the large-scale, off-campus parties organized by students in our community. Illinois State University and the Town of Normal have developed a proactive strategy to address and educate student organizers before the event about the inherent risks of these events.
Let the Citizens speak! Using research to identify community and campus issues relating to planning and land use
The JCUAB engaged College Town Assessmwnt (CTA) to administer the OCTA tool to gather this data. Results from 2,783 respondents indicated a strong relationship between the campus amd community with deep concerns over growth related to off-campus student housing, parking, and loss of affordable housing for faculty and staff and strain on the general infrastructure of the community.
Leveraging Partnerships to Fund Law Enforcement Efforts in a University Business District
About 20 years ago, a contract officer position was created, currently funded in part by the City of Eugene, the University of Oregon, and the University District Business Association. Presenters from each stakeholder will review their role, lessons learned over the years, and current improvements in utilizing limited public safety sources efficiently.
Leveraging your Civic Engagement Events and Programs for Community Relations
Learn how civic engagement events and programs in higher education are meeting community needs while also developing the leadership and civic skills of the students that participate.
Live & Learn: Corvallis Police and OSU Student Conduct team up to Address Off-Campus Student Behavior
The effective and innovative collaboration between law enforcement and campus officials in the office of Student Conduct & Community Standards is outlined in this presentation.
Live Smart: Building Community with Smart Programming and Marketing
Learn how, in partnership with key community and university stakeholders, Corvallis Community Relationships developed a good neighbor education curriculum and incentivized its Preferred Renters program with $50 rental deposit credits. Workshops topics include local laws and city ordinances, tips on hosting responsible parties, safety and security, tenant rights and responsibilities, and financial literacy.
Living the Good Life: How to Equip Students for Off-Campus Living through Education, Collaboration, and Innovation
This presentation reviews the University of Vermont’s off-campus living workshop model.
Make Room! - Student Housing for the Future
Discover new housing trends in other university communities and take home samples of model ordinances related to student housing.
Making communities…communities again: Canvassing to reduce high-risk off campus parties
This presentation highlights how the university staff, students, city staff, and local business community teamed up to turn various iterations of semester-ending stereotypical ragers into a community-building opportunity.
Move In Orientation
Learn about the AACT community campus coalition and Move-In Orientation between the University of Boulder and Boulder, Colorado.
Move-In Guide
A guide provided to students by the University of Colorado's Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations office to help them understand their responsibilities off-campus and make their move-in as smooth as possible.
Neighborhood Wellness 2.0
This session will show how the Neighborhood Wellness/Community Civility Effort is using collaborative engagement and shared responsibility to refocus efforts to address new and old challenges in San Luis Obispo neighborhoods that are adjacent to or near Cal Poly University.
Neighboring Collaborative Solutions: West Chester Campus Community Coalition
Learn about the West Chester Community Campus Coalition and their new program initiatives.
Northeastern Crossing: (Re)Building bridges to improve the quality of life in on- and off-campus communities around Northeastern University
How does a large, urban campus enhance an area’s quality of life in the 21st century? This presentation will share the process, development, and evolution of Northeastern Crossing’s mission and vision since it opened.
Northside Neighborhood Initiative: University Commitment Sparks Neighborhood Investment
In March 2015, UNC provided a $3 million ten-year, no-interest loan to Self-Help, a community development organization, to do land-banking in Northside which was at a tipping point between being a neighborhood of mostly long-term residents and becoming a primarily student neighborhood.
Off Campus Students: Meeting the Needs of the New Commuter Student
This session focuses on the unique needs of students living off campus versus traditional commuter students.
One Town & Seven Gowns: Greensboro's Evolving Transportation Partnerships
A presentation highlighting the process and challenges of a partnership to meet transportation needs in Greensboro.
Operation Student Safety: City of Buffalo, University of Buffalo
Learn steps for improving relations and student safety through off-campus housing improvements.
Overlapping interests and productive partnerships: A conversation about effective and productive town-gown police force relationships
In this interactive session, a municipal police Chief (Oxford, Ohio), a university police Chief (Miami University), and a university dean of students (Miami University) discuss the evolution of their personal and staff working relationship/partnership and how it has been shaped by local environmental factors and student issues.
Partnering to Reduce High Risk Alcohol Consumption
In this session we review the process by which the Miami-Oxford community has developed a sustainable effort to address college student alcohol abuse and its impact on the broader community.
Partnerships for Progress
Learn about the University Community Collaborative (UCC) economic development initiatives between Northwest Missouri State University and the City of Maryville.
Party Smart Flyer: University of Colorado, Boulder
A flyer from the University of Colorado's Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations to aid students in hosting parties without creating issues for themselves or the community.
Party Smart: Engaging Students in Solutions to Pesky Town Gown Issues
This session describes several initiatives that create an opportunity for peer education on community impact of certain behaviors; students’ role as community members, and increased active bystander intervention in large crowds. Noise and nuisance house arrests decreased by over 50% in just 2 years.
Peeing Posts And Practical Solutions
Addressing multiple town-gown issues with practical solutions.
Performing Better Together: The Measurable Benefits of Arts on Campus
This session explores how your town and school can work together to cultivate support for the arts and create the centers that house them.
Piece by Piece: Building Alliances to Promote Better Community Living
Saint Joseph's University recently implemented pro-active strategies to educate students about off-campus living and to respond to neighbor complaints about noise, trash and vandalism.
Planning & the Town-Gown Neighborhood
The session will outline key strategies for developing effective planning tools and incentive programs to revitalize Town-Gown neighborhoods.
Planning a Satellite Campus as a Strategy to Engage Broader Community
Chicago State University plays a unique role in delivering higher education to students with diverse backgrounds and educational needs on the South Side of Chicago. CSU's goal is to help solve this problem by establishing a satellite campus that would further assist in community outreach efforts.
Planning for Balanced Communities – A Guide to Understanding Processes of Studentification within North American Communities
We present the results of a study of studentification processes in the North American context and our development of a framework for planning and policy approaches, highlighting what many colleges, students’ unions, municipal governments, and neighborhood associations are doing to develop and implement practices that create more balance in their local communities.
Planning for Town Gown Success
Learn how the Town of Normal has embraced the town and gown as an opportunity to include the university in planning and solicit feedback, strengthening a mutually beneficial relationship between Town and ISU.
Proactive Education: Working Hand in Hand with Police
The City of Fort Collins and Colorado State University (CSU) partner to provide education to CSU students and landlords/property managers. These proactive efforts allow police and the City/CSU community liaison to interact with key players in the community that have a large impact on neighborhood livability.
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