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University Cities and What We Can Learn from Them
College towns that have grown up to become University Cities possess unique characteristics that make them a truly distinct species of city, one that is poised to flourish in the knowledge economy, where investment and jobs follow talent rather than the other way around. This session will explore what that means from both city and university perspectives.
University of Delaware Campus Coalition for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Strategic Plan May 2015
Learn how the University of Delaware Campus Coalition for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention developed a plan for reducing high-risk drinking among all UD students.
University of Massachusetts and the Town of Amherst: A Safer Community Through Partnership
This report provides a summary of large crowd disturbances at celebratory events on and off-campus and recommended best practices in the prevention, management and response efforts for UMass Amherst and Town stakeholders.
University of St. Thomas 2012-13 Neignborhood Initiatives
In accordance with the university vision of responsible engagement with the local community, St. Thomas continues to refine its neighborhood initiative plan with the goals of reducing neighborhood disturbances and providing a quick and certain response to identified problems.
Use of Policy, Education, and Enforcement to Reduce Binge Drinking Among University Students: The NU Directions Project
This paper describes a program, conducted over a 5-year period, that effectively reduced heavy drinking and alcohol related harms among university students.
Use of the Optimal College Town Assessment (OCTA) Tool in Evaluating Campus-Community Relations
This presentation extends the argument that scholarship on marriages provides invaluable insights into town-gown relationships. A four-square matrix constructed from the twin dimensions of effort and comfort levels is used to describe a typology of campus and community associations.
Using Innovation and Technology to Improve City Services
In this report, Professor Greenberg examines a dozen cities across the United States that have award-winning reputations for using innovation and technology to improve the services they provide to their residents.
Using Youth Performance Art as Civic Intervention on Divisive Issues
The Groovy Projects and the culmination of the project with the We Are Not Our Crime Rate video, an original youth- produced, performing arts project, inspired by a struggle for peace and self- identity among the youth in Flint Michigan. Get techniques for encouraging dialogue on divisive issues and explore credible approaches and doable methods to produce positive social impacts.
VEISHEA 2014 Task Force
VEISHEA, one of the nation's largest student-organized festivals and one of Iowa State's oldest most cherished traditions, has also experienced celebratory riots-affected by alcohol use and abuse. This report summarizes the history of the events and recommendations by a Task Force for reducing the probability of future disturbances.
VisionFairFaxMason-Community/University Planning Model
The City of Fairfax and George Mason University, in partnership with Northern Virginia Regional Commission, hosted a three day event designed to explore the connectivity, livability and sustainability between Mason and the City’s Historic Downtown. This presentation describes planning process, initial outcomes and next steps.
Washington University’s Neighborhood Liaison Program: Establishing Positive Neighborhood Presence
A presentation about a successful Neighborhood Liaison Initiative at Washington University.
Waterloo Town Gown Committee
Documentation on the structure and mission of the multi-agency Waterloo Town and Gown Committee.
We've Been Shmacked
We will share the results of the key partnerships’ collaboration and their positive actions that were focused on these two events. Learn more about upcoming initiatives that will be concentrated toward positive outcomes for the “Big 6” weekends.
West Chester Community Campus Coalition
Learn about the West Chester Community Campus Coalition and their joint initiatives.
West Philadelphia Initiatives: A Case in Urban Revitalization
This publication describes how the University of Pennsylvania organized and implemented an ambitious policy designed to stimulate neighborhood reinvestment in West Philadelphia, where the University campus is located.
West Summit Neighborhood Advisory Committee
An Agreement approved on August 11, 2004, by the Saint Paul City Council on the University of St. Thomas' proposal to redevelop two Summit Avenue blocks includes a condition to establish an advisory council compromising neighborhood organizations and the university.
White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault
Preventing and Addressing Campus Sexual Misconduct: A Guide for University and College Presidents, Chancellors, and Senior Administrators
Working with the Community During a Disaster: University of Iowa, City of Iowa
Learn about the Charlottesville-UVA-Albemarle Emergency Operations Plan.
World Business Chicago
Jeff Malehorn is the President & CEO of World Business Chicago (WBC), where he is responsible for the attraction, expansion and retention of companies to Chicago. His role includes the overall implementation of the Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs, which was produced by WBC at Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s request and is the outline for the city’s overarching economic development efforts.
World Student Housing Report
This is a report by Savills World Research
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