ITGA Authors - Call for Submissions

ITGA Call for Member Authors to Showcase Books About Campus Communities and Town & Gown Related Topics

If you are an author interested in promoting your book, you may submit a request for consideration of your book to be highlighted on the new ITGA Author Page.  This will allow ITGA members the opportunity to market books or content for publication.  The visitor to the Author page is responsible for contacting the author directly to learn how to purchase the book. The ITGA is not responsible for selling these books. 

NOTE:  The new Author page is designed as a member benefit.  You must be an ITGA member to submit a book for publication on this page.  

How to submit:  

Please use the online submission form (requires you to be logged into your ITGA member account) or email the information below to  
  1. Full Name 
  2. Email Address
  3. Phone Number 
  4. Confirm that you are an ITGA member.  If you are interested in joining the ITGA, please click on the membership tab on the home page of the website or contact
  5. Provide the full Title of your book.
  6. Write a 200-word description of your book and how it will benefit the reader. 
  7. Provide a photo or link to your book.  
Submit Your Book   (requires you to be logged in to your ITGA member account)

ITGA retains the right to decline the approval of content to the website if it does not align with the mission and vision of the ITGA

ITGA staff will contact you once your information has been reviewed and/or approved for the Author Page.