Larry Abernathy Award

Mayor Larry Abernathy, the mayor of the City of Clemson, SC, had a passion for the International Town and Gown Association (ITGA) and it was through his initiatives that ITGA was created in 2003 and held its first conference in 2006. Remembering his deep appreciation for collaboration between City, University and Students, the Larry Abernathy Award will be presented annually at the ITGA conference.

$500 will be given to a City as well as $500 to a University that best represents the true spirit of the mission of the ITGA, as indicated in its “Mission Statement”. Additionally, $500 will also be given to a college student who demonstrates his/her participation with both the City and University in fostering these same goals and objectives. The awards will be given by the Joint City University Advisory Board (JCUAB) of The City of Clemson and Clemson University and all recipients are encouraged to use these funds to bring their initiatives to the annual convention and share their ideas with the entire conference attendees.

A winner may be selected from each of the following categories:

  1. A City/Town that best represents the true spirit of ITGA
  2. A University that best represents the true spirit of ITGA
  3. A University student who best represents the true spirit of ITGA

The JCUAB of Clemson will make the final selection and will consider submissions that best exemplify a full understanding and incorporation of the ITGA Mission Statement.

  1. Show what you have done and how you did it;
  2. Briefly tell your story–who was involved and how did you interact with your neighbors (whether university, neighborhood residents, or student/faculty);
  3. Show the outcome through pictures, photos, or video;
  4. Provide an updated status of your project the week you submit your project; and
  5. Applicants must be a member of the ITGA.
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