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  • Book Title:The Optimal Town-Gown Marriage
  • Author:Stephen M. Gavazzi
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    What if you had a marriage that was arranged by others, which could not be ended, but that you had to make work regardless of how you felt about your partner? That, in a nutshell, is the relationship between a college campus and the community that surrounds it. Using the metaphor of marriage, this book provides invaluable insights into town-gown relationships. A town-gown typology is presented along with case examples and an assessment tool that flesh out and measure four distinct relationship types. The confidential thoughts and reflections of university presidents and city administrators are reported, as well as a full interview conducted with Gordon Gee, arguably the most well-known university president in the nation. Finally, all of this information is pulled together in the book’s presentation of The 10 Commandments of Town-Gown Relationships, a series of statements about what campus and community leaders must do together to build more optimal relationships with one another.
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