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  • Book Title:Cities and The Arts: A Handbook for Renewal
  • Author:Roger L. Kemp
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    Citizens, nonprofit organizations and local public officials-in increasing numbers-are using the arts and culture as vehicles to improve their downtowns, as well as to enhance general economic conditions within their communities. Public officials especially are learning that they can plant the seeds of urban renewal and, at the same time, promote their city's culture and arts. This not only renews their neighborhoods and downtowns, but also attracts tourism and private investment. A new eclectic economic development model has evolved and is beginning to work a number of politically, economically, racially and culturally diverse communities throughout America. From Atlanta and Reno to Philadelphia and Seattle, this work includes numerous case studies that demonstrate the ways in which cities and towns are now using the arts to stimulate both downtown and neighborhood revitalization. The future of the arts in cities is also examined. Five appendices are included, as well: "Cities with Arts, Cultural, and/or Entertainment Districts in the United States, "Regional Resource Directory," "National Resource Directory," "National Directory of State Art Agencies," and "National Directory of Regional Arts Organizations."
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