Why Join ITGA?


Benefits of Joining ITGA

  • A weekly e-newsletter - Campus-Community Connections -  that highlights college towns' news of note.
  • Exclusive membership-only access to our College Town Resource Center focusing on best practices and strategies. 
  • Opportunity to network with other professionals in the field for collaborative problem solving and professional advice at conferences and regional gatherings. 
  • Professional development programs through effective webinars, workshops, and training.
  • Access to the ITGA Listserv, a high-speed pipeline to unlimited information expertise.  
  • Opportunity to gain leadership experience by serving on committees or affinity groups. 
As a member, you'll receive discounted rates for our annual conference and regional gatherings. Our conference also features high-profile recognition through ITGA's top awards, and your inputs and nominations will be welcomed. Contact Susan@itga.org for more information.   

See What Our Members Are Saying

“I’ve gotten a lot of things out of it. Primarily relationships, people… I can call, people I can contact… I can think of 2 in the last year where I was able to reach out to this incredible network of professionals and ask questions… I was able to get dozens of really great ideas from people who are… around the county - and it was really helpful through ITGA… I got dozens of really good ideas and we were able to take those and select the most helpful kind of ideas from there, so that we could move forward in a really informed way.” “ITGA’s been great... going to these conferences where, inevitably, you are always going to find or hear like a really interesting idea that you never really thought about.”
                                            Joe Speidel, Director, Local Government and Community Relations, University of Vermont    
"The ITGA is a valuable tool for City Planners working in college towns. College towns around the world make up some of the greatest places to live and offer amazing opportunities for people to thrive. Successful integrating cities and universities can present unique challenges. The ITGA provides a window into how cities and universities are working together to address these challenges and welcome students and graduates into supportive and thriving communities." 
                                            Abby Gillfillan, AICP, Planning Manager, City of San Marcos, TX                      
"ITGA is a tremendous source of ideas and support for town gown relations. It is a distinct network of cities and universities that I can call on to share ideas and approaches to the unique problems and opportunities that we face in college towns. The ITGA annual conference has always been a great source of ideas, practices and research about social, economic and community issues that makes college towns special places. ITGA provides one of the most valuable sources of professional development from cities and universities from around the world."                                                         
                                          Tom Fountaine, Borough Manager, State College, PA
“For the ITGA, one of the things I would share with anybody is there is a wealth of knowledge and ideas that can fit within other communities and other university town-gown communities. The other thing is that everybody wants to share what they’re doing, if they’ve got a program or a project that they’ve been testing and using, and it seems to be working for them - everyone wants everyone else to go ahead and take it and run with it, if it’s something you think that’ll work for you. It’s kinda like a one-stop shop when it comes to university relationships and town-gown relations.”
                                                                                      Mayor Steve Patterson, City of Athens, OH
“It is extremely worthwhile to be a part of ITGA, to attend the conference, to be able to receive the material that they send out - they have a nice website, a lot of information and other resources. It gives you perspective - I think you can get lost in your own situation, and if you see that the issues that you’re dealing with are the issues that others are dealing with too, that’s a perspective that’s really quite valuable. And then you can turn to those folks - interact with them, perhaps share with them - submit some insights that you have about those issues. I think that’s a really enriching professional and personal opportunity that people ought to pursue if they’re in a town-gown situation. The ITGA is the only thing you absolutely need to be a part of.”
Damon Sims, Vice President for Student Affairs,  Penn State University 
“ITGA is an amazing resource for campuses and communities everywhere - living in a college town, I love knowing that my university and the city I live in are learning and applying the very best practices possible! By sharing ideas and building relationships, it benefits everybody - especially students.”
                                                Oliver Eccleston, ITGA intern, Cornell University sophomore