Why Join ITGA?


Benefits of Joining ITGA

  • Professional development opportunities through Level 1 and Level II Certificate Programs;
  • The weekly Dateline Newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on current topics and events in campus communities around the world;
  • Unlimited access to the College Town Resource Center-a compilation of town-gown documents, PowerPoint presentations, research and initiatives; 
  • Access to the largest network of campus community professionals around the world that meet annually to share strategies and leading practices in town-gown relations;
  • Recognition of leading practices in town gown communities through the Larry Abernathy Award and ITGA Presidential Excellence Award, and; 
  • Access to the ITGA listserve and membership directory.   

See What Our Members Are Saying

"ITGA not only helps connect colleagues from around the world, establishing a solid network of practitioners from the town and gown, but also adapts to the ever changing needs and trends of all communities, small and large. From novice to experts in the field, we all get the opportunity to learn from each other every day, support one another, and establish leading practices for the varying needs of our diverse communities."
                          Dilnavaz Cama, Office of Student Life, The Ohio State University, OH   
"The ITGA is a valuable tool for City Planners working in college towns. College towns around the world make up some of the greatest places to live and offer amazing opportunities for people to thrive. Successful integrating cities and universities can present unique challenges. The ITGA provides a window into how cities and universities are working together to address these challenges and welcome students and graduates into supportive and thriving communities." 
                                 Abby Gillfillan, AICP, Planning Manager, City of San Marcos, TX                      
"ITGA is a tremendous source of ideas and support for town gown relations. It is a distinct network of cities and universities that I can call on to share ideas and approaches to the unique problems and opportunities that we face in college towns. The ITGA annual conference has always been a great source of ideas, practices and research about social, economic and community issues that makes college towns special places. ITGA provides one of the most valuable sources of professional development from cities and universities from around the world."  
                                                       Tom Fountaine, Borough Manager, State College, PA