Testimonials About the Value of Attending the ITGA Conference

"The ITGA’s annual conference offers a wealth of knowledge and leading practice ideas, a plethora of networking opportunities and a solid foundation on which to grow policies and procedures for future Town and Gown success.
Based in the United Kingdom we have found that the International aspect of ITGA is of enormous benefit to us and it is always exciting to find out about new innovations and ideas from the United States and Canada that will be transferable in a British setting. Manchester, UK has implemented a number of practices gleaned from ITGA Conference and look forward to Eugene, Oregon where we can continue our learning.
Additionally the conference provides an amazing opportunity for professional development via the Certificate Programme levels I+II – nothing like this exists in a European context and ITGA leads the way in the advancement of core training for off-campus practitioners."

                                                Cooper Healey, Manager, Manchester Student Homes, The United Kingdom  


"My first conference was as a new city council member. I was in awe at the meeting with the breadth of those who attended, from city managers and mayors, to higher-ed administrators and university/city police. When I returned to Athens, I asked city and university colleagues to attend the next year's conference, and we have kept that model going for several years.”

                                                         Mayor Steve Patterson, City of Athens, Ohio 

"ITGA is an excellent way to network with peers and learn new ways of dealing with common sources of conflict in a town and gown community.  The annual conference and individual presentations are of enormous benefit,  chocked full of fresh ideas for your community or institution!" 

                                                                 Lisa Dvorak, Community Liaison, San Marcos Police Department   

"Cal Poly is extremely thankful for the many benefits the ITGA and its annual conference provide. Universities and local governments across the nation and globe have many of the same challenges and opportunities. Sharing those experiences and efforts -- both successful and unsuccessful -- leads to best practices and progress. Our ITGA-fostered connections and the opportunity to share and hear what others are doing to strengthen town-gown relationships have proven to be invaluable. The simple act of preparing for and following up on what we learn at the conference each year has brought Cal Poly and our San Luis Obispo governmental and community partners closer together, with a renewed commitment to progress, and a greater appreciation for our shared purpose."

                                       Courtney Kienow, Director of Community Relations,  California Polytechnic State University

“I’ve been attending the ITGA conferences for 10 years, and I can think of multiple occasions where I learned something here that I took back and directly applied. I can also think of multiple occasions when I ran into someone next year that said ‘we heard you last year at your session talking about this, we went back and we tried - and it worked!” or “we went back and we tried it, and it didn’t work, so we did it this way - and it worked even better.” So it’s one of those unique conferences where you see results and its small enough that you know the people here and it's big enough that you’re getting both a national and an international perspective, which makes this somewhat unique.”

                                                                       Michael Akin, President, LINK Strategic Partners