The formation of ITGA took place almost a decade ago through a series of meetings and events in which municipal and academic leaders recognized a need for unification. Eight founding members joined forces to construct and nature this organization, creating a vehicle for leaders to meet, network, explore, and grow.  Then, in 2008, the ITGA was formally organized as a nonprofit organization, thanks to the vision of Mayor Larry Abernathy, the Joint City University Advisory Board (JCUAB), the City of Clemson and Clemson University. 

Our Beginning


Larry Abernathy, former Mayor of the City of Clemson, South Carolina, had a passion for collaboration of town & gown. It was through his initiatives that ITGA was created. The ITGA continues the legacy of Mayor Larry Abernathy and his deep appreciation for collaboration between the City, University and Students. 

Thank You Founding Members


Former Conference Hosts

2006 Colorado State University & City of Fort Collins / Clemson University & City of Clemson
2007 University of Florida & City of Gainesville
2008 Texas A&M & Cities of College Station/Bryan
2009 Murray State University & City of Murray
2010 Iowa State University & City of Ames
2011 University of Colorado & City of Boulder
2012 Eastern Kentucky University & City of Richmond
2013 University at Buffalo & City of Buffalo
2014 Clemson University & City of Clemson
2015 George Washington University & Washington
2016 Loyola University Chicago & City of Chicago
2017 University of Oregon & City of Eugene 
2018 The Ohio State University & City of Columbus
2019 The Pennsylvania State University & Borough of State College
2020 Virtual ITGA Conference 
2021 Marquette University & City of Milwaukee