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Thursday, March 11, 4:00 pm (EST)

Small Towns/Small Colleges Affinity Group: Join co-chairs Monica Chavez-Silva, Vice President of Community Engagement and Strategic Planning, Grinnell College, IA, and ITGA Board member; and Lawrence P. DiRe, Town Manager, Town of Federalsburg, MD, for this networking opportunity. 

If the description below fits you, please join us for our upcoming networking event on March 11,  4:00 pm (EST). You must be an ITGA member to register for this networking event.
Hosting an institution of higher education brings a wide variety of challenges and opportunities to a community. For many small communities, available housing, public safety, student conduct, parking, and impact on the property tax base, are just a few of those challenges. However, having a college or university as a neighbor also offers opportunities like access to campus arts and culture programs, stable employment centers, student volunteerism, student internship programs, faculty research, and many others. The town-gown relationship of small-sized institutions in small communities is rich, complex, interrelated, frequently untapped, and holds endless potential. This group connects small colleges and their communities with each other and with the broader conversations and resources needed for both to see the successes and benefits of an ITGA membership. To register, click here


Wednesday, March 26, 12:00-1:00pm (EST)

"Town-Gown Turn Around Round Table: Where do we go from here?" Join moderator Sara Bloom, Executive Director, Downtown Hays Development Corp, Hays, KS, and ITGA Board Member, for this monthly webinar discussion. 

ITGA will continue the virtual networking and information sharing monthly through this Town-Gown Turn Around series. Please mark your calendars for the last Wednesday of each month. We will continue our focus on strengthening partnerships between town and college/university stakeholders in 2021 and beyond. Come prepared to share your ideas, frustrations, and strategies that are working in your campus communities.  If you would like to address a particular topic, please email the info to Sara Bloom (sara@downtownhays.com) who will moderate these sessions. 

In 2020 the extreme health risks caused by COVID-19 forced Colleges and Universities to send students, faculty, and staff home, close campuses, and cancel nearly all institution-sponsored community activities. These decisions profoundly impacted campus communities around the globe, from small college towns to major metropolitan centers and traditional education corridors. Rebuilding those communities and reviving the local economy is a unique Town-Gown challenge that requires partnership, teamwork, and creative solutions. The goal of this webinar will be to discuss what's next. To register, click here

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