ITGA Campus-Community Connections Newsletters

ITGA Campus-Community Connections January 9, 2020
Article Titles: Considering an ITGA Membership: an opportunity for a key investment; ITGA's Intern Challenge: Kudos Marquette!; ITGA Conference Update; ITGA Call for Board Nominations
ITGA Campus-Community Connections December 19, 2019
Article Titles: Cornell Honors 'Community Treasures'; From Homeless to Housing Coordinator; Seasons Greetings and Thanks! Message from ED Beth Bagwell; ITGA Call for Board Nominations; Intern Challenge: Deadline Dec. 20; Fire Safety: A Town-Gown Collaboration
ITGA Campus-Community Connections December 12, 2019
Article Titles: Plans to Boost Participation in 2020 Census; Helping Students Get to College - and Stay There; ITGA Outreach 2020: DePaul's Julie Emms to Lead; ITGA Call for Board Nominations; Intern Challenge: Deadline Dec. 20; ITGA Student Engagement
ITGA Campus-Community Connections December 5, 2019
Article Title: The New American College Town
ITGA Campus-Community Connections November 21, 2019
Article Titles: 2020 ITGA Conference, Proposals and Registration; 'The New American College Town' Book; ITGA Call for Board Nominations; New Equity Center; ITGA Student Engagement; ITGA Radio, Year in Review
ITGA Campus-Community Connections November 714 2019
Article Title: Message from ITGA President Ron Jackson
ITGA Campus-Community Connections November 7, 2019
Article Titles: ITGA Survey Highlights Key Findings; Student Community Recognition; NY Enrollment Challenges; ITGA Student Engagement; Not an ITGA member? Why Join Now!
ITGA Campus-Community Connections October 31, 2019
Article Titles: Message from the ITGA Executive Director
ITGA Campus-Community Connections October 24, 2019
Article Titles: The Role of Student Housing in Communities; The Importance of ITGA Power; ITGA: Meet an Intern; ITGA Student Engagement;
ITGA Campus-Community Connections October 17, 2019
Article Titles: Task-Force Improves Town-Gown Relations; Trends in College/University Consolidation; ITGA: Meet an Intern; ITGA: Early Professionals Group; ITGA Student Engagement
ITGA Campus-Community Connections October 10, 2019
Article Titles: ITGA Internship Program; ITGA: On Young Professionals; ITGA Student Engagement; Neighborhood Identity In a College Town; UKTGA 2020 Conference: Save the Date
ITGA Campus-Community Connections October 3, 2019
Article Titles: ITGA: 'Understanding Town-Gown Relationships'; ITGA: New-look Brochure; ITGA Community Engagement; The Power of Public-Private Partnerships; ITGA: On Young Professionals
ITGA Campus-Community Connections September 26, 2019
Article Titles: 2020 Census Outreach Efforts on College Campuses; ITGA's First Webinar a Hit!; ITGA Student Engagement; ITGA attended CommUniversity Meeting
ITGA Campus-Community Connections September 18, 2019
Article Titles: ITGA 2020 Census Webinar; ITGA Census and Capital Sense; ITGA Texas Symposium; ITGA Student Engagement; ITGA Regional Conference 101
ITGA Campus-Community Connections September 12, 2019
Article Titles: ITGA Census Webinar; ITGA Texas Symposium; ITGA Student Engagement; Not an ITGA member? Why join now.
ITGA Campus-Community Connections August 29, 2019
Article Titles: ITGA's New Campus-Community Connections: College Town News and Views; ITGA College Towns as Economic Drivers; ITGA Villanova: Thanks to Off-Campus Police; ITGA Ithaca: Leading With Love; Not an ITGA Member? Why Join Now!
ITGA Dateline Newsletter August 29, 2019
Article Title: Message from ITGA ED Beth Bagwell
ITGA Dateline Newsletter August 22, 2019
Article Titles: ITGA Dateline Rebrand; ITGA Regional Conferences 101; ITGA UK: How Woke is Your City?; ITGA Stony Brook: Girls and STEM; Behind Another Nuisance Party Bylaw
ITGA Dateline Newsletter August 15, 2019
Article Titles: New ITGA Roadmap: Compass Corner; ITGA, Census: Inputs, Outreach; ITGA Interview: Mayor Steve Patterson; ITGA Conference Follow-up
ITGA Dateline Newsletter August 8, 2019
Article Titles: "Dateline"Contest Set to Reflect ITGA's Work; The Princeton Review's Annual College Rankings Are Out Today; Plan Looks to Innovation District as Economic Engine for OKC's Future; National Campus Fire Safety Month Resolution Introduced in Congress; Not an ITGA Member? Why join now
ITGA Dateline Newsletter August 1, 2019
Article Titles: Message from ITGA Executive Director Beth Bagwell; ITGA Young Professional's Start-up Group; San Marcos Colleague Talks about Studentification and Town-Gown Relations; ITGA Outreach Committee Update; Join our Rapidly Growing and Essential Network
ITGA Dateline Newsletter July 25, 2019
Article Titles: "Dateline" Contest Set to Reflect ITGA's Work; The Chronicle of Higher Education's "Campus as City" Report and ITGA's Data Digest Survey; Some Cities and Towns see Tax-break Deals as Key to Economic Growth; Seattle Named Among Top Educated Cities in America; Join our Rapidly Growing and Essential Network
ITGA Dateline Newsletter July 18, 2019
Article Titles: Ohio's Upcoming 4th Annual Town & Gown Summit; Register Now for a 2019 Communities Talk Planning Stipend
ITGA Dateline Newsletter July 11, 2019
Article Titles: The Campus as City Report; In Boston, a Housing Innovation that Connects the Generations; United Kingdom Town-Gown Association Call for Bids to Host the 2020 Conference; UK Colleague Talks on Housing, ITGA Power; 4-Way Collaboration in Colorado Springs; Berman Meeting to Air Bill on Homeless Students
ITGA Dateline Newsletter June 27, 2019
Article Titles: Census Campaigns in Illinois, Local Towns Underscore Hunger for Revenue; CoStar Group Buys Off Campus Partners; ITGA-related Book Focus of Interview; From the ITGA Outreach Committee
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