ITGA Campus-Community Connections Newsletters

ITGA Dateline Newsletter January 17, 2019
Article Titles: TCNJ Crash: Fatal Head-on Accident Forces Changes at Bar on Campus; Federal Report Agrees Some Low-Income College Students Are Going Hungry; Diversity and Equity Initiatives, Goals Require Re-Examination Over Time: Flier; City of Salisbury Donates Fire Engine to Rowan-Cabarrus Community College; Kindness Project, UCM to Team Up on Saturday Cleanup
ITGA Dateline Newsletter January 10, 2019
Article Titles: The 2019 ITGA City & University Relations Conference; BASIC NEEDS: Committee Cities Progress; Lawrenceville Approves $31M Downtown Arts Center Project; Another N.J. College Jumps into the Marijuana Industry as Legal Weed Looms; Cornell's Office of Community Relations Sponsors a Regional Town-Gown "Drive-In" Conference; MSH's Countdown Calendar Craze
ITGA Dateline Newsletter January 3, 2019
Article Titles: Higher-Education P3s Continue to Gain Momentum; Down with Studentification: How Cities Fought for Their Right Not to Party; Amherst-Area College Students Fight Fire, Forge Bonds; WALK [Wayne State] Case Study
ITGA Dateline Newsletter December 6, 2018
Article Titles: Mayor says Beckley Must Become a Welcoming College Town; Cornell Town-Gown Awards Features Student Engagement; Open Call for Proposals for the 2019 ITGA City & University Relations Conference
ITGA Dateline Newsletter November 29, 2018
Article Titles: Universities Look to Strengthen the Places They Call Home; The ITGA Benefits Ohio State's Buckeye Food Alliance; Philadelphia Launches Push to Get Hospitals and Universities to Buy Local; Research on Tap: Building Connections Within the Stillwater Community
ITGA Dateline Newsletter November 15, 2018
Article Titles: Open Call for Proposals for the 2019 ITGA City & University Relations Conference; At Villanova, a Full-Court Press to Improve Town-Gown Relations; University Fraternities Roll Out Hard Alcohol Ban; Introducing R-PEACE, a New Centre for Engaged Learning on Campus; College Park City-University Partnership Homeownership Program Receives $100,000
ITGA Dateline Newsletter November 8, 2018
Article Titles: SAMHSA Announces the 2019 Communities Talk: Town Hall Meetings to Prevent Underage Drinking; State College Named One of the Best Places to Move to in the U.S.; UVA Created Presidential Working Group to Improve the Relationship Between Town and Gown
ITGA Dateline Newsletter November 1, 2018
Article Titles: The 2018 ITGA Data Digest Informs Members about the Quality of Life in College Towns; SLO Residents Can Now Permanently Register Their Parties to Avoid Fines, Police Visits; Town-Gown Advisory Board Presents New Proposals on Safety, Transportation, Community Relations; What to Do With a Former Sears Flagship? Redevelop it To Anchor an Innovation District; Why Students Jumping Off Roofs is 'A Huge Social Media Thing'
ITGA Dateline Newsletter October 18, 2018
Article Titles: The Scooter Wars of 2018; Study Finds 1 in 5 College Students Reported Thoughts of Suicide; PLCB Holds Annual Alcohol Education Conference on Prevention of Underage and Dangerous Drinking; Colleges Partner with Housing Authorities to Combat Student Homelessness; Thousands of Smiles at CommUniversity Day
ITGA Dateline Newsletter October 11, 2018
Article Titles: Portland State University Launches Centers to Address Homelessness and Smart Cities; 'Inextricably Linked': DeKalb Mayor, NIU President Talk Struggles, Solutions, Goals; Michigan Sets Record for Public University Campaign; Maximizing Success for First-Gen Students
ITGA Dateline Newsletter October 4, 2018
Article Titles: Innovative Opportunity Zone Partnership Between UConn, Mansfield & CERC; Gen Z and Millennials Say There's So Much More to College Than Life on Campus; UC Davis Agrees to Build Housing for Over 5,000 and Will Pay City if it Misses Deadlines; Police Chief Demands Action From Western in Fake Homecoming Fallout; Canadian PSE Institutions Discuss Smoking Plans, Cannabis Policies
ITGA Dateline Newsletter September 27, 2018
Article Titles: Town vs Gown: Is the Student Boom Wrecking Communities?; Villanova Students Treated to Barbecue, Urged to Mind Their Manners; A Seat at the Table; UI Pushing Tax-Incentive Program to Attract Businesses to College Towns; GC Students Launch Campus Kitchen to Bridge Hunger Gap
ITGA Dateline Newsletter September 20, 2018
Article Titles: UM, Harvard to Partner on Detroit Poverty Study, Opioid Crisis; Stony Brook University Invites Neighbors to Campus for CommUniversity Day; Ithaca Named Best College Town in America by Livability; More US Colleges Turning to Restorative Justice in Addressing Sexual Assault; The Best (and Worse) College Towns to Invest in Real Estate
ITGA Dateline Newsletter September 13, 2018
Article Titles: Parents, Greek Leaders Create Anti-Hazing Campaign; Marquette, Near West Side Partners Awarded $1.3 Million from HUD for Economic Development; City of Athens & Ohio University Receive International Award for Outstanding Town and Gown Relations; Queen's University Parties Spur New Policy Requiring Those Charged to Appear in Court; A Record Number of Cal Poly Students will Live on Campus-and We're Committed to Housing More
ITGA Dateline Newsletter September 6, 2018
Article Titles: USC to Sell Students 'Lifesaving' Drug that Reverses Overdoses Without Prescription; College Football Gameday Safety; NIC Fraternities Ban Hard Alcohol in Decisive Action; The Cornell New York State Hometown Alumni Award; 'We Need to Live Together:' LION Bash Brings Students and Locals Together
ITGA Dateline Newsletter August 30, 2018
Article Titles: College Football Saturdays: GovLove Podcast Series; Loyola University New Orleans Ranked No. 1 in the Nation for Town-Gown Relations by Princeton Review; Annual BEAR Walk Aims to Bring Collegetown Community Together; OSU, Stillwater Cracking Down on Underage Drinking; Top 100 College Football Towns in America: No. 3 Austin, Texas; The 25 Most Affordable College Towns in 2018
ITGA Dateline Newsletter August 23, 2018
Article Titles: Innovative Presidents Finding Ways to Use Social Media for Student Engagement; Survey of International Students in Canada; Going to War with Fraternities; Oberlin College to Begin 'Good Neighbor' Service Plan for Students; TRU Plans to Ban Legal Cannabis on Campus; BGSU President, Mayor Plan East Side Walk
ITGA Dateline Newsletter August 16, 2018
Article Titles: University of Waterloo Students to Get Mental Health First Aid Kits This Fall; Business and Engagement for the Common Good; University of Toronto Launches New Innovation Hub; Should University of Iowa Sophomores Live on Campus? Task Force Weighs Pros and Cons; Crowd-Sourced Bus Routes to Expand Into U.S. University Towns
ITGA Dateline Newsletter August 9, 2018
Article Titles: 'Cross Town' Art Exhibit Brings Amherst and UMass Together; Corvallis Buys Into Fareless Transit; College Park City-University Partnership; Top 100 College Football Towns in America: #17 Pasadena, California; Hunger and Homelessness Issues Among College Students; BGSU, City Look Back at Collaborations
ITGA Dateline Newsletter August 2, 2018
Article Titles: University Partners with City to Promote 'Shared Prosperity' for Residents; Deadly San Marcos Fire Prompts Students to Think Fire Safety Before School Starts; College Park City-University Partnership Releases July 2017-June 2018 Annual Homeownership Program Report; The Arts Can be the Zipper on Town-Gown Relations, Architect Explains; MMU and The Union MMU Wins Award for Embedding Social Norms of Responsible Alcohol Consumption; Kutztown Looks Beyond Being Just a College Town
ITGA Dateline Newsletter July 26, 2018
Article Titles: New Wave of City-University Partnerships Taking Shape; Tarleton Volunteers Prove a 'Good Neighbor' on Friday the 13th; Universities Maneuver Through the Complexities of Cannabis Legalization; Manchester Mayor Participating in Leadership Program in New York City
ITGA Dateline Newsletter July 19, 2018
Article Titles: An Innovative Campus-Community Partnership; To Build a Great City, Build a Great University; A Million-Dollar Solution, a Burden or Both? A Look at Taxing Alcohol in State College; Washingtonian Dubs College Park "Best Turnaround"; From Cape Town to Charlotte, there's a Partner for Every Purpose; UW Student Groups Want to Ban Wasteful Plastic on Campus
ITGA Dateline Newsletter July 12, 2018
Article Titles: Penn State and State College Chosen to Host International Town-Gown Conference; Campus-Community Strategizing: Not Nice, but a Must; Dvorak Elected President of the International Town & Gown Association; Two Years After Social Host Ordinance, Complaints of Off-Campus Parties Near Towson University Plummet; Yomes Site Now Offers Important Info For Tenants
ITGA Dateline Newsletter June 28, 2018
Article Titles: The Strategy Behind Good Neighbors: A Mayor and Higher Ed President; Lessons from America. When Was Your Vice Chancellor Last Asked for a Selfie?; University Aims for Close Relationship with Community in NW; East Hill Notes: Town-Gown Teamwork, Illustrated; Rutgers Takes Over New Brunswick Police Dispatch Service
ITGA Dateline Newsletter June 14, 2018
Article Titles: Town and Gown: Best Practices for Community Liaison and Civic Engagement; Ohio's Third Annual Town-Gown Topics Released; Camosun Partners with The Mustard Seed to Cook Healthy Meals, Reduce Food Waste; Learning to Talk About Drinking, Drug Use; OSU Kicks Off Great Move Out Monday
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