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ITGA Dateline Newsletter-January 29, 2015
Article Titles: Town Gown Steering Committee Makes Recommendation to UMass Chancellor, Town Manager; Poll: City Mayors Third Most Trusted Economic Resource; Iowa Finance Authority Offers Ames Landlords Free Property Listing Website; UW to Consider Off-Campus Party Registration; University of Washington Bothell Growth Contributes $231.6 Million to State and Local Economy; and Cambridge Engineer Leads Government Review of Business-Academia Collaborations
ITGA Dateline Newsletter-January 22, 2015
Article Titles: Manchester to Inspire US Cities; House Party Regulation Could Infringe on Constitutional Rights; Maine Gov. Proposes Towns Tax Nonprofits to Offset State Cuts; Should Urban Universities Help Their Neighbors?; Rochester Region Poised for Growth; and Marquette University, Harley-Davidson Leading Efforts to Improve City's Near West Side
ITGA Dateline Newsletter-January 15, 2015
Article Titles: Carnegie Foundation Names Portland State a Leader in Community Engagement; Gov. Charlie Baker: Worcester is Really Becoming an Educational Powerhouse; Clemson's Biggest Ever Construction in Progress; Experts, Officials Comment on What Makes a College Town Thrive; and Hanover Police Back off Drinking Arrests
ITGA Dateline Newsletter-January 8, 2015
Article Titles: Inspection Program for Rental Homes is Approved in SLO; Extreme Helicoptering: Now Parents go with Kids to College; Liquor Control Partners with Four Universities: Town-Gown Pilot Program Aims to Prevent Underage Drinking; Student-Housing Changes in the Twin Cities Mirror Trends Elsewhere; Long a College Town, Worcester Now Looks the Par
ITGA Dateline Newsletter-December 11, 2014
Article Titles: Town Gown Steering Committee in Amherst Recommends Permanent Successor; BU Tries a New Tactic to Fight Binge Drinking: Transparency; OSU Advantage Accelerator Moves New Business Forward; College Town; Project Auckland: Rich Ideas Flourish Along the City's Innovation Corridors; and University of Tasmania Cradle Coast Campus Graduates Hold Town and Gown Procession
ITGA Dateline Newsletter-December 4, 2014
Article Titles: America's Urban Campus Proves Chicago is a Global Destination for Higher Education; Worcester Working to Become a Thriving College Town; IFC Community Outreach Vice President Sees Benefits of Fraternity-Town Relations; Entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis Announces Campus Turnaround Initiative Program; and Evanston Partners with Other College Towns to Inform Students on Housing Costs, Sustainability
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