In her role as board member, Courtney Kienow says she knows of no organization quite like the International Town & Gown Association. She calls it "a collaborative and innovative group of professionals from municipalities and colleges that are enthusiastic about sharing successes and challenges in a way that has enormous benefit." As director of community relations in the office of the president at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, Courtney advances the university's interests in the community and ensures that Cal Poly is responsive, in turn, to community needs. She wants ITGA this year to focus on members' challenges related to COVID-19 and to ensure that the organization provides "unique value as cities and colleges face an ever-evolving landscape," including financial hardships. Courtney uses her experience as a journalist, her Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from Cal Poly, and her marketing and government relations background to help ITGA "bridge town-and-gown relationships" and promote dialogue around the challenges and tensions that inevitably arise between campus and community.