The ITGA Presidential Excellence Award

In 2013, the Presidential Excellence Award was created as a way to highlight ITGA members who demonstrate exceptional performance in one of the following areas: Leadership, Educational Achievement, and/or Volunteer Service. $500 and one complimentary conference registration will be given to the recipient of this award.

The award recognizes individuals, organizations or communities that fall into at least one of the following categories:

  1. Demonstrates a commitment to leadership that fosters mutually beneficial relationships between campus-communities or the ITGA;
  2. Contributes to the field of town gown relations through academic research that helps identify evidenced-based practices in college towns; or
  3. Exemplifies volunteer efforts that contribute to the quality of life in campus communities or the ITGA.

The ITGA President will make the final selection that best reflects the mission of the Organization. This award is presented annually at the ITGA City & University Relations Conference. To apply for this award:

  1. Briefly tell you story and include who was involved and the focus of the initiative;
  2. Provide supporting documents (i.e., newspaper articles, photos or videos) to demonstrate how he/she contributed to improving the quality of life in your campus community; and
  3. Summarize the current status of the project or initiative.
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