Upcoming Webinar: Town Gown Turn Around Series





Wednesday, January 27, 12:00-1:00pm (EST)

"Town-Gown Turn Around Series: Where do we go from here? Join moderator Sara Bloom, Executive Director, Downtown Hays Development Corp, Hays, KS, and ITGA Board Member; Keith Stanley, Executive Director, West Side Partners Inc. (#MadeInTheNearWestSide) Business Improvement District #10, Milwaukee, WI; Adam Ducker, RCLCO Senior Managing Director, Bethesda, MD; and Doug Schneider, President and Owner of the DHS Hospitality Group, and Chairman, New Brunswick City Center, New Brunswick, NJ, for this cutting-edge webinar. 

ITGA is launching a NEW Town-Gown Turn Around™ Series, January 27, from noon-1:00pm (EST). The Town-Gown Turn Around series will focus on strengthening partnerships between town and university stakeholders. While the series will address a myriad of issues that we are all facing in 2021 and beyond, the January webinar will focus on how town-gown partnerships can turn around business districts, enhance downtown areas, increase retail sales, extend campus life boundaries, and make positive impacts in the communities.

In 2020 the extreme health risks caused by COVID-19 forced Colleges and Universities to send students, faculty, and staff home, close campuses, and cancel nearly all institution sponsored community activities. These decisions profoundly impacted the businesses and residential communities around campuses across the country, from small college towns to major metropolitan centers and traditional education corridors. Rebuilding those communities and reviving the local economy is a unique Town-Gown challenge that requires partnership, teamwork, and creative solutions.  

The goal of this webinar will be to discuss what's next. We have seen gift card programs and dine out pledges, but what can be done without events? How do we keep supporting businesses during the pandemic? Listen in as our panelists discuss what their community partnerships have created, why their initiatives succeeded or failed, and how successful efforts can be replicated. To register, click here


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