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ShareFest 2016 Final Report
Miami University and City of Oxford
ShareFest is a service and environmental nonprofit corporation dedicated to the collection and redistribution of items donated by Miami University students and the Oxford community at the end of the academic year.
Selected Student/Neighborhood Outreach & Programmatic Overview
University of Colorado Boulder
The different student outreach programs and initiatives are summarized, including: Pre-Court/Violation Letters; Community Living Class; Move-in Orientation; Door hangers distributed in the Fall semester; Neighborhood Concerns Program and Walk This Way
Reducing Risk During the First Few Weeks on Campus
Safe Supportive Learning
Anecdotal evidence suggests that the first six weeks of the academic year are critical to both the academic and social success of first-year students. However, three strategies have produced evidence of effectively reducing high-risk behavior when applied toward the beginning of the academic year.
Policing Off-Campus Communities at Institutions of Higher Education
National Center for Campus Police Safety
On October 22, 2015, eighteen campus public safety executives from thirteen institutions of higher education (IHE), with support from the National Center for Campus Public Safety (NCCPS), gathered in Burlington, Vermont, for a one-day emerging issues forum.
Party Registration
University of Colorado Boulder
Our primary goals are to educate students on social host responsibility, Boulder ordinances, and how to avoid negative impacts to neighbors; provide faster relief for neighbors; allow police to respond to other non-registered parties faster.
City of Corvallis/Oregon State University Intergovernmental Agreement for the OSU/City of Corvallis
City of Corvallis and Oregon State University
This is a copy of the MOU that the City and University entered into to address shared goals and ongoing partnerships.
Joint City University Advisory Board (JCUAB) MOU
Clemson University and City of Clemson
This MOU defines the joint committee relationship between the the City of Clemson and Clemson University and their mutual concerns.
Learning Collaborative on High Risk Drinking Appendices
National College Health Improvement Program
Appendices to accompany the report "Learning Collaborative on High Risk Drinking."
Learning Collaborative on High Risk Drinking
National College Health Improvement Program
This program uses a public health and quality improvement approach to address high-risk drinking with 32 colleges and universities.
Keene College-City Commission Initial Report & Recommendations
Keene State College and City of Keene
The charge of the Commission was to “facilitate long range planning and (to make) short and long term recommendations to [Keene State College] and the [City of Keene] on issues of mutual concern."
High-risk Drinking Among College Students in Maryland: Identifying Targets for Intervention
University of Maryland School of Public Health
The purpose of the Maryland Collaborative is to bring together Maryland colleges and universities toward a shared goal—to reduce excessive drinking among college students, by creating environments that support student and community health, safety, and success.
Oregon Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network
The University of Oregon, Oregon State University, The City of Eugene and Corvallis
Oregon RAIN serves the entrepreneurs in Oregon’s South Willamette Valley by helping them turn ideas into high impact, innovative, traded-sector companies that can grow and thrive locally.
Not In Our Town Bowling Green
The City of Bowling Green and Bowling Green State University
Not In Our Town Bowling Green is a partnership between the City of Bowling Green, OH and Bowling Green State University (BGSU) to affirm their commitment to social justice, equity, and inclusion and to embrace and celebrate diversity.
Land Exchange: The City of Pittsburg & Pittsburg State University
The City of Pittsburg & Pittsburg State University
The City of Pittsburg, Kansas and Pittsburg State University (PSU) continue their commitment to one another’s success by exchanging land. This property’s location was strategically important to the University as it was connected to land targeted for future expansion.
Harvesting the Fruit of Partnership
City of Geneva and Cornell University
City, County, State, and Federal economic development agencies partnered with Cornell University to conceptualize the Cornell Agriculture and Food Technology Park, designed to harness the research and academic resources of Cornell, and translate them into economic assets for the region.
Putting a Stake Through the Heart of State Patty’s Day
Borough of State College and Penn State University
A successful campus and community effort to end a destructive, alcohol-fueled, social-media-driven event.
Connecting Campus and Community Through Campus-Edge Development
Xavier University
Learn how Xavier University is using strategic partnerships to transform the campus edge and maintain a neutral balance sheet.
CU Boulder Outreach Efforts
University of Colorado Boulder
Initiatives include door hangers, social media, "Welcome Back" bags, rewards for being a good neighbor, neighborhood meetings, and "Dialogue Dinners.'
College Town Initiative Charter
Weber State University and the City of Ogden
The purpose of the college town initiative is to develop and promote joint efforts between Weber State University and Ogden City.
Town & Gown Advisory Committee
The City of St. Augustine and Flagler College
Flagler College will continue to foster open communication channels between the campus and the city of St. Augustine with the creation of the Town and Gown Advisory Committee.
Town/Gown Collaborative to Reduce the Negative Impacts of High-Risk Drinking
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Town of Chapel Hill
The Town/Gown Collaborative worked closely together to understand the factors that contribute to high-risk drinking, and to identify evidence-based and promising environmental strategies to reduce its negative effects.
Creating a Strong Town-Gown Relationship
College Planning and Management
Cooperation between a college or university and the surrounding community leads to development, jobs, income and success for all. Here’s why it matters — for everyone.
Building Partnerships with College Campuses: Community Perspectives
The Council of Independent Colleges
The program supports building the organizational capacity of campuses in one or more of four key areas: faculty skills and knowledge, institutional infrastructure, academic culture and partner relationships.
Brockort Town Gown Committee
The College at Brockport (SUNY) and Village of Brockport
The College at Brockport State University of New York and the Village of Brockport developed a new Town Gown Committee. This is a summary of the work they are accomplishing together.
Alcohol Management: A joint effort between the City of Warrensburg and the University of Central Mis
City of Warrensburg and University of Central Missouri
In response to increased crime and violence, the City of Warrensburg collaborated with the University of Central Missouri to establish the Warrensburg Area Partners in Prevention (WAPIP) Alcohol Management Program.
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