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CU Boulder Outreach Efforts
University of Colorado Boulder
Initiatives include door hangers, social media, "Welcome Back" bags, rewards for being a good neighbor, neighborhood meetings, and "Dialogue Dinners.'
College Town Initiative Charter
Weber State University and the City of Ogden
The purpose of the college town initiative is to develop and promote joint efforts between Weber State University and Ogden City.
Town & Gown Advisory Committee
The City of St. Augustine and Flagler College
Flagler College will continue to foster open communication channels between the campus and the city of St. Augustine with the creation of the Town and Gown Advisory Committee.
Town/Gown Collaborative to Reduce the Negative Impacts of High-Risk Drinking
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Town of Chapel Hill
The Town/Gown Collaborative worked closely together to understand the factors that contribute to high-risk drinking, and to identify evidence-based and promising environmental strategies to reduce its negative effects.
Creating a Strong Town-Gown Relationship
College Planning and Management
Cooperation between a college or university and the surrounding community leads to development, jobs, income and success for all. Here’s why it matters — for everyone.
Building Partnerships with College Campuses: Community Perspectives
The Council of Independent Colleges
The program supports building the organizational capacity of campuses in one or more of four key areas: faculty skills and knowledge, institutional infrastructure, academic culture and partner relationships.
Brockort Town Gown Committee
The College at Brockport (SUNY) and Village of Brockport
The College at Brockport State University of New York and the Village of Brockport developed a new Town Gown Committee. This is a summary of the work they are accomplishing together.
Alcohol Management: A joint effort between the City of Warrensburg and the University of Central Mis
City of Warrensburg and University of Central Missouri
In response to increased crime and violence, the City of Warrensburg collaborated with the University of Central Missouri to establish the Warrensburg Area Partners in Prevention (WAPIP) Alcohol Management Program.
Alcohol Expectancies, Pregaming, Drinking Games, and Hazardous Alcohol Use in a Multiethnic Sample o
Springer Science+Business Media
This study examines how alcohol expectancies and the valuations of these expectancies are associated with frequency of pre-gaming, drinking game participation, and hazardous alcohol use.
Planning Alcohol Interventions Using NIAAA’s COLLEGE AIM Alcohol Intervention
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
CollegeAIM, with its matrix-based tool, guide, website, and related resources, is meant to be used in conjunction with your school’s own processes for anticipating and responding to the needs of your student body, campus environment, and surrounding community.
NUS Alcohol Impact
Manchester Student Homes
Alcohol and Drug Awareness
Manchester Student Homes
Wary Of Light Fingers Campaign
Halls 2 Home
Manchester Student Homes
Supporting Students Transitioning from Halls to Homes
Rent Right
Manchester Student Homes
Manchester Student Homes’ Rent Right Campaign
Manchester International Student Safety
Manchester Student Homes
The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University International Student Safety Campaign
ACT Ally - Program connecting students and community with rental housing industry
ACT San Marcos, City of San Marcos and Texas State University
ACT Ally establishes relationships and expectations to incorporate the diverse goals and values of a dynamic community for a successful off campus living experience.
Noise and Host Reponsibility with Abatement Strategies
ACT San Marcos
Comprehensive noise and host responsibility ordinance with abatement strategies.
Rental Nuisance Abatement Program
City of San Marcos, Texas
The City of San Marcos uses a "bad apple" model for required rental registration. An owner may voluntarily register a property. An owner must register a property when there are a specified number of violations within 12 months. See document for further.
MOU - City of San Marcos and Texas State University Police
City of San Marcos, Texas
Current ordinance providing MOU of city and university police cooperation.
San Luis Obispo Neighborhood Wellness/Community Civility Effort Final Report
City of San Luis Obispo, California Polytechnic State University and Cuesta Community College
In May of 2013, personnel from the City of San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and Cuesta Community College embarked on a process to create the San Luis Obispo Neighborhood Wellness/Community Civility Effort.
Teaching Students about City Ordinances: Community Living Class
University of Colorado Boulder
The Community Living Class is a 1.5 hour session that teaches students about the finer points of Boulder city ordinances in hopes that they can avoid future disruptions to the neighborhood that can lead to a ticket.
International student safety video
Manchester Student Homes
The ‘Mei’s Day Out International Student Safety’ video is part of a wider campaign to provide ongoing support and education for international students about personal safety and household security in on and off campus areas.
Unprecedented Redevelopment Reshapes College Park, Maryland
University of Maryland Office of Community Engagement
Over 30 projects, including The Hotel at the University of Maryland, four new academic buildings and new downtown amenities, are under way. The boom—called Greater College Park—is the result of cooperative work between the city, Prince George’s County, state, private developers and the university.
Sixth Annual Good Neighbor Day Breaks Records and Unites Community through Service
University of Maryland Office of Community Engagement
Good Neighbor Day is a collaborative partnership between the University of Maryland, the City of College Park, and The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC). Hundreds of volunteers participate in various community service projects across Greater College Park.
UVM Payment for Services Annual Report
University of Vermont
$1.4 million annual payment for City services. Fund patrols of Burlington Police officers in student neighborhoods, and address "problem properties" (rental properties with persistent quality of life issues).
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