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CP Dream Team - Local Youth & Police Build Community With Basketball
University of Maryland Office of Community Engagement
The CP Dream Team is a University of Maryland initiative designed to showcase relationships between community youth and local law enforcement officials through food, fun, and friendly basketball games. Educational components will soon be added to future games.
Soccer League for Youth in Prince George’s County
University of Maryland Office of Community Engagement
To continue building relationships with Prince George's County schools, the University of Maryland's community engagement office is creating soccer programs for county elementary and middle school children.
OCE "Making a Difference" Awards Celebration
University of Maryland Office of Community Engagement
This awards celebration is in recognition to those who have helped the University of Maryland Office of Community Engagement achieve its goals to connect the University with the wider and diverse surrounding community. It is bestowed to community partners, supporters, and faculty/staff/students.
ACT-San Marcos
City of San Marcos and Texas State University
The City and Texas State collaborated to form Achieving Community Together (ACT). A key foundation was including a variety of community stakeholders to better understand the core values of each and formulate a balanced response.
Rental Housing/Nuisance Property Code
Borough of State College
Establishes requirements and standards for rental housing permits and requires periodic inspections. Sets standards for enforcement of nuisance properties.
Task Force on Policing and Communities of Color Final Report
Borough of State College
This report provides specific recommends to build on existing practices and new practices to build on existing relationships and improve trust between the community and law enforcement, especially communities of color.
CityWorksEDU: Campus, Cities, and Civic Engagement
Colorado State University and City of Fort Collins
CityWorksEDU’s main premise is rooted in strengthening the town gown partnership between the City of Fort Collins (City) and Colorado State University (CSU). This innovative course can be implemented in other communities to increase knowledge in and of both the community and institution.
College Park Neighborhood Stabilization and Quality of Life Work Group
City of College Park
The City of College Park’s Neighborhood Stabilization & Quality of Life Work Group was established by the Mayor and Council in 2012 to develop and explore new strategies for addressing issues related to the increasing use of single-family houses as group rental houses.
Common Ground: An Investigation of Environmental Management Alcohol Prevention Initiatives
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
This article presents an evaluation of Common Ground, a media campaign-supported prevention program featuring increased enforcement, decreased alcohol access, and other environmental management initiatives targeting college student drinking.
Collaboration Corvallis Workgroup Recommendation Summary
Oregon State University and Corvallis
This document describes the partnership objectives, recommendations and outcomes in the following categories: Neighborhood Livability and Planning, and Parking and Traffic.
Rooming House Review
City of Toronto
The city of Toronto undertook research through a variety of public and stakeholder consultation activities. Issues facing tenants are challenges related to vulnerability of populations living in rooming houses and protecting tenant rights during their tenure.
An Introduction to Campus Planning: Insights and Opportunities
American Planning Association
An overview of campus planning by the APA.
Alcohol Policies on College Campuses
Journal of American College Health
This study examines alcohol policies on select college campuses in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
America’s Urban Campus: The Economic, Social and Cultural Contributions of Chicago's Universities
America's Urban Campus
A group of 17 of Chicago’s largest higher education institutions, representing 216,000 students, formed a coalition called America’s Urban Campus (AUC) to collaborate on a range of initiatives.
A Matter of Degree Initiative to Reduce Binge Drinking at Colleges and Universities
The Robert Wood Johnson Foindation
The 1993 Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study of more than 17,000 students at 140 four-year colleges found that 44 percent of students surveyed were binge drinkers. This resulted in the launch of an initiative called A Matter of Degree.
A Campus-community Coalition to Control Alcohol-related Problems Off Campus
The Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention
The authors report on the effects of a university and community coalition in preventing problems related to college students’ off-campus drinking.
Rent Right Program-6 Tips for Finding the RIGHT Housemates
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Educational resources for students moving off campus about budgeting, housemates, leases, and tenant rights and responsibilities.
Rent Right Program-7 Tips for Paying the RIGHT Amount
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Educational resources for students moving off campus about budgeting, housemates, leases, and tenant rights and responsibilities.
Rent Right Program- Lease Version
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Educational resources for students moving off campus about budgeting, housemates, leases, and tenant rights and responsibilities.
Team Posiitive Presence Program
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Student led initiative aimed to facilitate a culture of safe celebrations, safety and positive social interactions among peers, tailgaters, the University, and town residents at large scale events, official and unofficial, where alcohol consumption may be problematic.
Party Smart Registration Program
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Students can register off campus parties to be eligible for a courtesy call from town police and 20 minutes to end their party to avoid police response, fines, arrests and University conduct procedures.
Walk this Way Program Description
University of Massachusetts Amherst
An innovative program that reminds students to be safe, quiet, and respectful when traveling through residential neighborhoods. The program has successfully engaged students as active bystanders in a real life context.
Top Ten Laws You Should Know handout
University of Massachusetts Amherst
A concise, infographic that summarizes Town bylaws and State law addressing alcohol, noise, disorderly conduct and other town gown issues.
UMass Amherst Community Impact Report 2015
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Publish report of economic impact and community service in host community
Campus and Community Coalition Town Hall Report 2017
UMass Amherst
Town-gown visioning session funded by SAMHSA grant
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