Conference Presentations

Findings from the UK Town and Gown Association ‘Town and Gown: Today and Tomorrow’ Conference November 2016: The Best of British
The session discusses the key highlights from the UKTGA Conference and provide an overview of strategic approaches developed by British based University Towns and Cities. 
Food waste collection in Eugene Supports a Sustainable Campus
This presentation will highlight the innovative public/private partnership that is a vital component of this program, and discuss how the LFNW program provides resources for organizational and event related sustainability initiatives.
Fraternity and Sorority Event Registration & Fire Safety: Pre-registration and inspection of fraternity & sorority in-house events:
This session will highlight the importance of a strong and united partnership between campus and local fire officials and some tips on how to secure that positive relationship.
Freshman Service: Making an Impact from Day One
Getting new students positively involved in the local neighborhoods.
From a College in the Park to a University in the City
While home to almost 38,000 students and employing almost 10,000 faculty and staff, College Park has never developed into a vibrant college town. To address this, the University of Maryland and the City of College Park have formed a powerful working alliance to revitalize College Park and the Route 1 commercial corridor.
From Co-working to Tech Parks: Chicago’s Universities Create Spaces for Innovation and Entrepreneurs
Many of Chicago’s universities have boldly embraced the national movement to introduce innovation and entrepreneurship into curricula and to realize the results by developing spaces to support start-up companies from students, faculty and the broader community. These initiatives have gained the support of Chicago’s mayors, the business leadership of the city, and state and federal government.
From Fractured to Friendly: Building Off-Campus Relationships in a Challenging Housing Environment
The economic downturn of 2007 created unique housing opportunities in the sleepy bedroom community surrounding Stony Brook University. Unscrupulous landlords illegally converted 3 and 4 bedroom homes into unsafe rooming houses, renting to 8-10 students each semester. Three years later, community leaders sent a letter in December thanking Stony Brook for its responsiveness.
From GREIGE GOODS to GIGABIT Knowledge Park Master Plan Handout
In preparing a Request for Qualifications for a major downtown project, the city of Rock Hill., S.C., successfully employed a range of strategies that increased the number and caliber of developers who responded – as well as their investment in pursuing the project and producing results
FROM INCIDENTAL TO INTENTIONAL: positioning UTHSC to anchor change and transform its neighborhood
This session will highlight the integrated planning process for University of Tennessee Health Science Center, focus on community engagement, and reveal the resulting new partnerships and place-based implementation strategies in the Memphis Medical Center.
From Jackhammers To Late Night Parties: Communicating In Challenging Solutions
Learn best practices in communicating methods for involving constituents and students in positive outreach for improving town gown relations.
From Litigants to Partners: A Case Study of the Georgetown Community Partnership:
Universities and their communities are often positioned as opponents in planning and neighborhood life issues. Georgetown University has had a contentious history with its community, which involved decades of litigation over the university’s campus plans. The presentation will provide lessons for university staff in community relations, student affairs, or campus planning, and for community and civic leaders.
FROM VACANT LOTS TO GATEWAY HOUSING: Positioning university property to anchor redevelopment and transform connectivity
This session highlights the new and evolving public private partnership planning process for University of Tennessee Health Science Center.
Game Day : alcohol use and misuse before, during and after college sporting events
William Georges, a consultant to both major league and college sports on fan conduct and alcohol issues, will lead a discussion about alcohol use and misuse before, during and after college sporting events, and the experience of colleges that have introduced alcohol sales into their stadia. 
Give Back - Go Forward: Senior citizens volunteering for gift able tuition credit vouchers
GIVE Back. GO Forward. is an innovative model where community members over the age of 60 volunteer with local non-profits to earn tuition vouchers. The vouchers can be used by the volunteer or gifted to a student within five years. This session will discuss the best practices of implementing the model while highlighting Ohio State University’s program. Audience members will be exposed to a framework that supports students, senior citizens, alumni affairs and local non-profits. Presenters: Mandie Maxwell, Ohio Department of Higher Education; Lauren Gannon Evans, The Ohio State University, Office of Distance Education and eLearning; Kaylene Way, Ohio Department of Aging
Global Cities Initiative: DC’s College and Universities Go International
14 members of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area entered a partnership which led to Washington, DC becoming one of 29 cities worldwide focused on an improving its regional export economy in order to enhance overall regional growth.
Good Neighbor Program
The Good Neighbor initiative’s primary goal is to enhance the quality of life for both permanent and student residents of the community by addressing the situations that occur, facilitating discussions to remove any barriers that are present, and fostering positive neighborhood relationships among all participants.
Good Neighbors, Great Partners: Building the Northwestern University – Evanston Township High School Partnership on STEM Education and Beyond
This session will outline the history and development of the partnership; describe its programs and activities; highlight how the partnership works and its outcomes and impacts; and define and demonstrate best practices for school-university partnerships.
Great Plays: An Industry Initiative to Promote Alcohol Prevention in Campus Communities-Strategies Addressing Alcohol and Other Drug Usage
A panel will describe alcohol prevention programming at three major US universities that is supported by the Great Plays Grant Program funded by brewer MillerCoors, which seeks to encourage the use of evidence-based practices while also promoting the development and testing of new, innovative ideas. Each panelist will review their innovative program, present evaluation data that demonstrates its effectiveness, and describe how they work with campus and community partners to achieve their positive results. Presenters: Dr. William DeJong, Boston University School of Public Health; Joe Mullineaux, Senior Associate Director of Dining Services, University of Maryland, College Park; Heidi Garcia, Assistant Director and Jenny McKee, Program Manager, Watkins Health Services, University of Kansas; Matthew Olson, Alcohol and Other Drug Counseling Program Coordinator, The University of Texas at Austin
Growing a Campus in the City: Integrating Planning at the College of Charleston
Attend this session and learn strategies for integrating neighborhood development and master planning.
Handout-Bridging Campus and Community Together Through Entrepreneurial Spirit
Handout for "Bridging Campus and Community Together Through Entrepreneurial Spirit"
Healthy Communities: Collecting, Analyzing, and Sharing Data
This session explores the resources which allow cities and universities to obtain data about themselves. We will also see how this data can be further processed, analyzed, and translated into bylaws, legislation, and regulations, as well as reveal discrimination and negligence. Specific and recent survey data will be shared regarding municipal partners, focused on creating and developing bylaws, specific to rooming houses and improving poverty and tenancy management practices. The research shared will touch on housing; technology and data; and demographics, diversity and inclusiveness. Learn how “smart cities” and “smart universities” that are using data and technology, enhance service delivery, are better connected, more productive and efficient. Presenter: Oleg Lights, a former Director of Startup Grind, a global community of over 1M entrepreneurs, and an ex-CEO and founder of RTL Studios, an award winning digital agency with Fortune 500, Municipal and Federal clients, founder and CEO of Yomes, a social enterprise that improves urban living by partnering with the government, non-profits, and academia 
High-er Education: Marijuana In Colorado
Considerations on the legalization of marijuana in Colorado.
Housing or Community Officer? Both! How positive Town and Gown relationships can be forged from a University Housing perspective
This session will take you through the journey that University of Sussex have made out into the communities that surround their campus, from a University Housing perspective.
How a campus University reached out to its city community through a new community base – University of Sussex: a new initiative from the UK
Learn how a campus University in the UK opened an off-campus community base to bring local community groups together at a time when the university was expanding from 13,000 to 18,000 students in a densely populated beachside city.
How Community Colleges Can Use Community Partnerships to Lead and Ignite Economic Revitalization
The project, built on a site that had for years included an unsightly pit where a former building had been, included student housing and helped ignite local economic revitalization.
How re-evaluating zoning regulations can assist in revitalizing older Downtowns
In 2007 and 2008 a small task force of citizens, the Mayor and City staff members recommended to the City of Oxford Ohio sweeping changes to the Oxford Charter and Zoning regulations to promote redevelopment in the old original Oxford Uptown.  The citizens of Oxford voted to amend the City’s Charter and the Planning Commission and City Council supported the recommended changes to the zoning code. During this presentation, we will briefly recap the conditions prior to 2007, which created the redevelopment quagmire. Presenter: Alan Kyger, Economic Development Director, City of Oxford 
How to Live in the Community
Nottingham, England, is home to over 35,000 students studying at the University of Nottingham, with over 14,000 students living in the private rented sector. We will identify and show how we tackle challenges in the UK.
I know – it’s only Town/Gown relationships, but I like it
This session will look at the success, failures, and lessons learned in Town/Gown relations through the lens of Rock and Roll. If you’ve ever wondered “What’s Goin’ On?” this might be the session for you. This session is sponsored by the National League of Cities-University Communities Council.
Implementing Bike Share: A Partnership between the City of Eugene, Lane Transit District, and the University of Oregon
After joint efforts to secure funding and complete a feasibility study, the City received a state grant in 2015 that would make bike share possible, along with earlier funding from the Associated Students of the University of Oregon.
Improving Community And Municipal Relationships By Partnerships Through Research Grants
Learn how Rutgers improved relations between the university and city through research grants.
In The Weeds The Wild And Wacky World Of Legal Marijuana 1
Part one of a discussion on the legalization of marijuana in Colorado.
In The Weeds The Wild And Wacky World Of Legal Marijuana 2
Part two of a discussion on the legalization of marijuana in Colorado.
In This Together: Collaborating To Address Alcohol And Other Problems
Working together to tackle alcohol and other town-gown issues.
Increasing Off-Campus Student Safety
Students and parents are expecting institutions to play a more active role preventing and responding to crime off-campus. Many students arrive ill equipped to secure their belongings & protect themselves. The University of South Carolina has 26,000 off-campus students living in an urban, city environment. This presentation will share how a community committee, an online module, the Rave Guardian App & the Community Crime Map are helping us overcome the communication & outreach challenges of our multijurisdictional environment. Presenters: Janie Kerzan, Community Outreach Director, University of South Carolina; Eric Grabski, Captain, University of South Carolina Police Department
Innovations in Party Crawl Prevention Strategies
Learn how UMass implemented environmental management strategies to improve the quality of life in off-campus living.
Insight2050: Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships to Promote Focused Growth and Regional Mobility in Central Ohio
Insight2050 is a public-private initiative designed to help the communities of Central Ohio to prepare for unprecedented population growth and demographic changes. Join the insight2050 partners for a discussion on how this initiative continues to advance regional discourse about our development choices and their influence on economic development, neighborhood revitalization, and transportation. We’ll explore the future of the region’s growth and mobility with an overview of the newest insight2050 project, insight2050 Corridor Concepts. Presenters: William Murdock, Executive Director at MORPC; Mark Dravillas, Assistant Administrator, City of Columbus Planning Division; Mark Wagenbrenner, President, Wagenbrenner Development; Erin Prosser, Director of Community Development with Campus Partners
Inter-City Visits-Going Away to Come Together
Inter-City Visits are great tools for bringing together university leadership, elected officials, local non-profits and community members to consider serious community issues in a fun, positive environment.
Interdepartmental Communication: Tools from the Nation's Capital: George Washington University
Learn about communication and outreach strategies and initiatives at George Washington University.
International Geographies of Studentification
This session will draw upon research findings from studies of studentification in UK and Ireland, Australia (Melbourne), Canada (Montreal), China (Beijing), and Norway (Oslo) to show that urban places across the globe are being transformed by concentrations of student housing in distinct parts of university towns and cities.
International Students and Your Community The Challenges and Opportunities: Michigan State University
Learn about the challenges and opportunities related to international students at MSU.
ITGA - RRForum Strategic Alliance: an update on the development of an alcohol responsibility program for ITGA members
This session will focus on the evidence and challenges relating to alcohol in college communities and how the Alcohol Responsibility Program that RRForum is developing for ITGA is responding to some of these challenges.
ITGA 2015 Conference Program (Schedule Only)
The 2015 ITGA Conference Program schedule.
ITGA Survey Summary 2013
In February 2013, the International Town-Gown Association (ITGA) partnered with Brailsford and Dunlavey (B&D) to conduct a pilot survey about the unique issues and opportunities facing universities and the communities in which they reside. This report provides a summary of the process and an analysis of the results.
ITGA Survey Summary 2014
View a presentation summarizing the results of the 2014 ITGA survey.
ITGA Survey Summary 2015
This is a summary of the 2015 ITGA Survey responses.
ITGA Survey Summary Condensed 2014
In 2014, the second iteration of the annual iTGA survey incorporated changes to collect more comprehensive data on town-gown relationships. This report provides a summary of the process and analysis of the results.
ITGA Town Gown Assessment 2014
This is a summary of the survey results for ITGA members.
Joint Police Advisory Council: A Tale of Two Police Forces: Ohio University
In an all too familiar economic climate of continuous budget cuts, cities and universities must identify ways to do more with less. The City of Athens, Ohio and Ohio University (OU) have developed a way to capitalize on the symbiotic relationship between their law enforcement agencies.
Joint Safety Services: Kent Ohio Case Study
A case study in joint safety services.
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