Conference Presentations

Make Room! - Student Housing for the Future
Discover new housing trends in other university communities and take home samples of model ordinances related to student housing.
Making communities…communities again: Canvassing to reduce high-risk off campus parties
This presentation highlights how the university staff, students, city staff, and local business community teamed up to turn various iterations of semester-ending stereotypical ragers into a community-building opportunity.
March to Main - Partnering to Welcome and Invest in Our Students
In Hays, Kansas, we’ve made it a priority to work together to better our community and the way our students interact with it. Each year a “welcome home” party is thrown specifically for faculty, staff, and students. A parade led by the mayor marches the group from campus to the Downtown district for free food, music, prizes, and fun.
March to Main - Partnering to Welcome and Invest in Our Students
March to Main - Partnering to Welcome and Invest in Our Students
Minimizing Risk and Community Disruption through Rental Licensing
Minimizing Risk and Community Disruption through Rental Licensing
Move In Orientation
Learn about the AACT community campus coalition and Move-In Orientation between the University of Boulder and Boulder, Colorado.
Move-In Guide
A guide provided to students by the University of Colorado's Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations office to help them understand their responsibilities off-campus and make their move-in as smooth as possible.
Neighborhood Wellness 2.0
This session will show how the Neighborhood Wellness/Community Civility Effort is using collaborative engagement and shared responsibility to refocus efforts to address new and old challenges in San Luis Obispo neighborhoods that are adjacent to or near Cal Poly University.
Neighboring Collaborative Solutions: West Chester Campus Community Coalition
Learn about the West Chester Community Campus Coalition and their new program initiatives.
New Directions for Evaluating Community University Partnerships
This workshop from University of Georgia Archway Partnership faculty will share new directions in evaluating community-university partnerships across the state. Topics discussed include: an overview of the Archway Partnership process, methods of evaluation, community impact, student experiential learning, and faculty research and service. Presenter: Sharon Liggett, Operations Coordinator, UGA Archway Partnership, Georgia Center 
Northeastern Crossing: (Re)Building bridges to improve the quality of life in on- and off-campus communities around Northeastern University
How does a large, urban campus enhance an area’s quality of life in the 21st century? This presentation will share the process, development, and evolution of Northeastern Crossing’s mission and vision since it opened.
Northside Neighborhood Initiative: University Commitment Sparks Neighborhood Investment
In March 2015, UNC provided a $3 million ten-year, no-interest loan to Self-Help, a community development organization, to do land-banking in Northside which was at a tipping point between being a neighborhood of mostly long-term residents and becoming a primarily student neighborhood.
Off Campus Students: Meeting the Needs of the New Commuter Student
This session focuses on the unique needs of students living off campus versus traditional commuter students.
One Town & Seven Gowns: Greensboro's Evolving Transportation Partnerships
A presentation highlighting the process and challenges of a partnership to meet transportation needs in Greensboro.
Operation Student Safety: City of Buffalo, University of Buffalo
Learn steps for improving relations and student safety through off-campus housing improvements.
Our Students Are Hungry: Dealing with Food Insecurity on Campus
The purpose of this program is to talk about how departments at Rutgers and in the community have partnered together to provide resources to students with food insecurity.
Overlapping interests and productive partnerships: A conversation about effective and productive town-gown police force relationships
In this interactive session, a municipal police Chief (Oxford, Ohio), a university police Chief (Miami University), and a university dean of students (Miami University) discuss the evolution of their personal and staff working relationship/partnership and how it has been shaped by local environmental factors and student issues.
Parking Shortage Equals Transit Ridership Opportunity
When parking troubles put a squeeze on downtown Columbus progress, Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District (SID), Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) looked for innovative solutions.
Partnering to Reduce High Risk Alcohol Consumption
In this session we review the process by which the Miami-Oxford community has developed a sustainable effort to address college student alcohol abuse and its impact on the broader community.
Partnerships for Progress
Learn about the University Community Collaborative (UCC) economic development initiatives between Northwest Missouri State University and the City of Maryville.
Partnerships to Build Community Resiliency and Prepare in Advance for Potential Community Division, Hate Incidents, and Unrest
Learn from a participatory panel discussion about an efficient and effective ways to prepare in advance for potential community division, hate incidents, and unrest.
Party Smart Flyer: University of Colorado, Boulder
A flyer from the University of Colorado's Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations to aid students in hosting parties without creating issues for themselves or the community.
Party Smart: Engaging Students in Solutions to Pesky Town Gown Issues
This session describes several initiatives that create an opportunity for peer education on community impact of certain behaviors; students’ role as community members, and increased active bystander intervention in large crowds. Noise and nuisance house arrests decreased by over 50% in just 2 years.
Peace.Love.Kutztown: A towns’ response to hate on campus
The session will highlight how the university and community responded to events as they occurred and developed proactive strategies to create a climate that is conducive to acts of hate and bias including a grassroots community initiative which has become a unifying force in these efforts.
Peeing Posts And Practical Solutions
Addressing multiple town-gown issues with practical solutions.
Performing Better Together: The Measurable Benefits of Arts on Campus
This session explores how your town and school can work together to cultivate support for the arts and create the centers that house them.
Piece by Piece: Building Alliances to Promote Better Community Living
Saint Joseph's University recently implemented pro-active strategies to educate students about off-campus living and to respond to neighbor complaints about noise, trash and vandalism.
Planning & the Town-Gown Neighborhood
The session will outline key strategies for developing effective planning tools and incentive programs to revitalize Town-Gown neighborhoods.
Planning a Satellite Campus as a Strategy to Engage Broader Community
Chicago State University plays a unique role in delivering higher education to students with diverse backgrounds and educational needs on the South Side of Chicago. CSU's goal is to help solve this problem by establishing a satellite campus that would further assist in community outreach efforts.
Planning for a Sustainable Future: Creating a Neighborhood that will serve Alums, Students, and the Community
Planning for a Sustainable Future: Creating a Neighborhood that will serve Alums, Students, and the Community
Planning for Balanced Communities – A Guide to Understanding Processes of Studentification within North American Communities
We present the results of a study of studentification processes in the North American context and our development of a framework for planning and policy approaches, highlighting what many colleges, students’ unions, municipal governments, and neighborhood associations are doing to develop and implement practices that create more balance in their local communities.
Planning for Town Gown Success
Learn how the Town of Normal has embraced the town and gown as an opportunity to include the university in planning and solicit feedback, strengthening a mutually beneficial relationship between Town and ISU.
PLCB working for Pennsylvania
PLCB working for Pennsylvania
Pobody’s Nerfect: Learn from my mistakes…please!
Pobody’s Nerfect: Learn from my mistakes…please!
Power in Partnerships: Building a New On-Campus Stadium
When the inaugural season for CSU's new on-campus stadium kicked off, the players weren’t the only stars. In 2014, CSU and the City of Fort Collins created comprehensive working groups to outline infrastructure improvements and design game day operations. Learn how they conducted extensive outreach to mitigate negative impacts and followed-up with ongoing improvements throughout the season.
Presentation of the ITGA 2018 Data Digest
In this session, participants will hear an overview of the ITGA 2018 Data Digest. This inaugural survey was launched early in 2018 and will continue to be an annual organizational survey examining town-gown issues and opportunities.
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