Conference Presentations

Removing Assigned Bathrooms to Create Inclusive Spaces
This presentation includes an overview of a university-community initiative to work with businesses to convert bathrooms from single- to no-gender assigned spaces, lessons learned, and opportunities to discuss other strategies to improve our communities.
Removing Blinders Cultivating Communities: ASU
Learn about the partnerships and initiatives used to improve town-gown relations between Arizona State University and the City of Tempe.
Results of a PLCB Town-Gown Project
Learn how four communities and their campuses have embarked on a 9 month pilot project to develop strategic plans related to reducing alcohol and related problems utilizing a Hub and Spoke Model.
Rethinking University Partnerships with Public Housing
Rethinking University Partnerships with Public Housing
Rev-Up MKE Application
Rev-Up MKE Application
Rev-Up MKE Overview
Rev-Up MKE Overview
Rev-Up MKE: From Shark-Tank to Storefront
Rev-Up MKE: From Shark-Tank to Storefront
Rutgers Day-Building Community Through A Large Scale Outreach Event
In this session, we will discuss how Rutgers day was conceived, how 'buy-in' was created both within the university and with our local community, an overview of implementation, and outcomes of the event.
Scooting to Class: Working through the Deployment of Electric Scooters in Town-Gown Communities:
Scooting to Class: Working through the Deployment of Electric Scooters in Town-Gown Communities:
Sewanee: The University of the South-Creating a Vision and Action Plan for Practical Change in a Rural College Town
Learn how you can create an asset for your institution that is committed to future success for all stakeholders. Identify near, mid, and long-term steps to create an action plan to guide the evolution of your town/gown into a vibrant, active community that students and neighbors can enjoy together.
Sexual Misconduct on College Campuses: Office for Civil Rights Updates
Sexual misconduct on college campuses continues to be a notable public policy and legal challenge.  This presentation will describe the various “Dear Colleague” letters, including recent information from the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights.
ShareFest: A Year-End and Community-Wide Recycling Event
ShareFest was founded to collect the reusable items. It is a donation drive and nonprofit sponsored by the City of Oxford, Ohio and Miami University. ShareFest helps individuals in need by providing them with access to furniture, household goods, clothing and food recycled by university students and community residents.
Shifting into Safety: Safe Ride Programs in the community
Shifting into Safety: Safe Ride Programs in the community
Significant Findings in Campus-Community Engagement: Community Partner Perspective
Read about the scholarship of community engagement and the common indicators for civic initiatives between institutions of higher education and their community organization partners.
Sleeping With an Elephant: Manuevering Town-Gown Relations in a Small Town: Miami University; Oxford, Ohio
A presentation addressing town-gown issues in a small college town.
SLO Solutions: Conflict Resolution in a College Town
SLO Solutions: Conflict Resolution in a College Town
SLO Solutions: Conflict Resolution in a College Town
SLO Solutions: Conflict Resolution in a College Town
So You Got a Ticket? Changing the Contact With Student’s Court Mandate Community Service
The University of Colorado Boulder and Boulder Municipal Court created a partnership in which we educate, support, and train students through a restorative and community centered approach to handle students’ Municipal Court violations. Presenters will talk through how the partnerships have been developed and answer questions on how to get them started and sustained.
Social Media and Authentic Storytelling
A look at how and why The George Washington University uses social media.
St Ignatius Loved The Cities: Community Relations as Core Mission at Jesuit Colleges & Universities
How and why Jesuit Colleges & Universities strive to maintain great community relations.
Stacking the Deck: Building Partnerships in the ACES Program
This interactive session will highlight the mutually beneficial partnerships between community organizations and the North Eastern University Alliance of Civically Engaged Students (NU|ACES). The program builds multi-year partnerships with students volunteering weekly for an academic year to meet community identified needs, while also learning about the history of Boston and the inequalities that exist. 
Starting a Start-up with Campus Community Leadership
How can you support a combinded community of entrepreneurs and encourage students to start and grow their business in town? Tom Schryver and Gary Stewart will relay lessons learned from Rev: Ithaca Startup Works, a partnership between Cornell, Ithaca College, and Tompkins Cortland Community College in downtown Ithaca, NY.
State Legislative Developments on Campus Sexual Violence: Issues in the Context of Safety
The first in a series jointly released by NASPA and ECS, this publication looks at recent state legislation on campus sexual violence.
Stockton empire: Island Campus marks university's biggest conquest
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey recently bought a closed casino in nearby Atlantic City and plans to open an Island Campus to remake Atlantic City. This article included some of the pros and cons, assets and challenges the college and neighborhood might face.
Stop, Collaborate and Listen: Community- based Planning for Success
This session features a presentation and Q and A session with two industry-leading experts in developing and implementing innovative community-based planning practices in a variety of sectors, including higher education, public K-12 systems, independent and charter schools, local government, and non-profits.
Student Community Education; the English Way
The presentation will explore the pro-active work of both Universities, the response to complaints including the disciplinary procedures and what partnership work is being developed for the future.
Student Engagement in Smart Cities
When Columbus was selected over 77 other cities as the winner of the USDOT Smart City Challenge, we knew it would take all of “US” to realize our vision to become the model for connected cities of the future. Partnerships between those who prepare, employ, and serve Columbus’ future workforce are essential to the success of our program.
Student Neighborhood Assistance Program (SNAP)
Learn about SNAP, a service coordinated by Off Campus Student Life at Georgetown University to enhance safety, assist students, and respond to neighborhood concerns about student conduct off campus.
Student Run Business as Economic Engine in Community
Attendees will understand how to engage undergraduate students in economic development initiatives and help city officials see the potential students can have on long-term community success.
Student Volunteers: University of Virginia
Improving relations through student involvement in the community.
Studentification Guide for North America - Handout
Handout for the presentation "Studentification Guide for North America".
Studentification National HMO Lobby
Learn more about studentification (a term coined by Darren Smith in 2002) and the result of demographic imbalance in neighbourhoods in the UK.
Studentification: The Core And / Or Root Issue In Town And Gown Relations?
The term ‘studentification,’ defined by Smith (1999) as the urban changes tied to high concentrations of student populations in distinct neighbourhoods, is slowly gaining wider usage across North America. Presenters explore some of the studentification trends in North American contexts and the ways that universities have engaged in the studentification process.
Supporting and Advocating for the diverse and unique needs of off-campus and commuter students
Supporting and Advocating for the diverse and unique needs of off-campus and commuter students
Sustainability Theory and Practice: Partnering with DC Water to Pilot a Sustainability Course
This partnership offers a model for universities to deepen their sustainability commitments, strengthen community partnerships, and provide experiential learning opportunities for students.
Takin’ it to the Streets: Innovative University-Town Police Collaboration to Better Neighbor Relations
A new, innovative collaboration between Amherst Police and UMass Amherst External Relations seeks to improve town-gown and neighborhood communication and relations under a community policing philosophy, which emphasizes community engagement, partnerships and a problem-solving approach.
Taking The Housing Leap: Sharing The Experience Of Our Aspiration To Improve Student Housing By Being Part Of The Market – A University Run Lettings Agency
This presentation provides a summary of key issues affecting Nottingham’s student accommodation sector.
Targeting Area Graffiti (T.A.G.) Team: Strategies to Effectively Address Graffiti in Athens, Ohio
Over the past two years the T.A.G. team has significantly reduced graffiti within the city. T.A.G. accomplishes its efforts largely through the work of student volunteers from Ohio University which provide an excellent opportunity for to develop their skills as active citizens while meeting this community need. Please join us to learn more about the accomplishments of T.A.G. in Athens, Ohio and how you might develop a similar effort in your community.
Telling Scranton’s Story: Partnering with Faculty & Students on Multi-Media Projects
This session will detail collaboration between The University of Scranton’s Office of Community and Government Relations and the Department of Communication to tell Scranton’s story in ways that bolster downtown business and neighborhood park revitalization efforts.
Ten Proven Strategies for Creating Vibrant College Towns: RCLCO
Understanding college town retail through a public/private lens-an excellent RCLCO presentation.
TGIT: Constructing a Sustainable Town-Gown Partnership (not a nod to Thursdays) 
This session will review how Oxford, Ohio and Miami University leveraged previous champions, an excellent working relationship among individuals, and a mobilizing issue to develop a statement of purpose and a formal structure for promoting sustainable “harmony” in town-gown relations through recognizing and serving existing efforts and entities.
The Amherst Business Improvement Distric: How an Economic Development Tool Improved Town Gown Relations
Learn how to engage institutional stakeholders in the creation of a BID and how BIDs can engage disparate constituencies to improve town/gown interaction.
The Blueprint: Establishing a Functional Town and Gown Advisory Board
The Blueprint: Establishing a Functional Town and Gown Advisory Board
The Blueprint: Establishing a Functional Town and Gown Advisory Board
The Blueprint: Establishing a Functional Town and Gown Advisory Board
The Blueprint: Establishing a Functional Town and Gown Advisory Board Powerpoint
The Blueprint: Establishing a Functional Town and Gown Advisory Board Powerpoint
The Campus 2050 Initiative: How Campuses and their communities are planning for the next 30 years
The Campus 2050 Initiative: How Campuses and their communities are planning for the next 30 years
The Campustown Renaissance: A Town and Gown Partnership to Revitalize Ames' Student Business District
Due to unprecedented development in the district over the last two years, Campustown is currently in a transformative mode with millions of dollars in private development, a new facade grant program funded and administered by the City of Ames, and new initiatives in the district, led by CAA, a non- profit organization funded in part by ISU and the City of Ames.
The Canterbury (UK) Street Marshal Scheme: keeping students safe and communities engaged
The session highlights the Canterbury Street Marshal Scheme, a joint initiative between Canterbury Christ Church University and the University of Kent that sees trained Marshals patrolling areas of high student footfall to keep students safe while they move around key areas of the city, and quiet as they transit residential neighbourhoods.
The Collegiate Visitor Center: Serving the Greater Region, Facilitating Partnerships in and around the Community
Learn and share how a collegiate visitor center can contribute to the goals of the institution and the community through the programs and services it offers and the variety of constituents it serves.
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