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This is what happens…when you let it happen: Planning for off-campus student housing
This session combines police and planning perspectives in mistakes made and the future focus on smaller scale, missing middle housing types to address some of the complex housing needs.
Thoughtful, Integrated Disaster Aid Efforts Yield Ample Benefits for Localities, Students and Academic Vitality
View this presentation and learn about dealing with Superstorm Sandy-Three phases of higher education institutions' helping efforts.
Town & Gown Relations in the 21st Century Checklist for Town and Gown Stakeholders
This list provides a resource for those concerned with the challenges of having a college/university in their community. It is not intended to be prescriptive, but rather, to stimulate consideration and discussion.
Town & Gown: A Student Initiated Approach
This session will explore the benefits and challenges of the campus’ unique “student initiated” approach to town & gown.
Town and Gown Benefits of a Good Neighbors C.A.R.E. Program
Off Campus Student Services at Towson University
Town and Gown Measurements: Creating Metrics for College Town Success
This session details the university/city efforts to develop a series of metrics that will measure their college town initiative's mission to "mutually pursue economic, educational, recreational, social, and cultural initiatives."
TOWN AND GOWN RESILIENCY: Preparing Campuses And Communities To Mediate Risks And Meet The Future
Resiliency is breaking rapidly across campuses and communities to form the next wave of sustainable policies, partnerships, planning, design and construction. Attendees will leave with an actionable understanding and access to Resilient Design tools.
Town And Gown: A Vital Partnership In The New Knowledge Economy
A discussion on the value of town gown relations in the new knowledge economy.
Town and Gown-The Best Practices in the World
The UniTown Network just held its first annual Town-Gown Relations Conference for representatives of cities and universities in the European Union. The case studies came from joint projects and programs being undertaken by cities and universities located in North America.
Town Gown Relations in DC
This roundtable discussion will feature University administrators focusing on the town-gown issues faced by institutions in the nation's capital.
Town meets Gown on Immigration Policy
Town meets Gown on Immigration Policy
Town-Gown Collaboration To Build A Startup Community
Learn how the Cal Poly Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship opens the world of entrepreneurial opportunity to Cal Poly students and faculty on campus.
Town-gown diversity and inclusion: Two steady, doable resources
Hot-button topics tied to diversity, equity and inclusion increasingly envelop town-gown climates and responsiveness. When challenges emerge from a local or national event, protests and divisiveness can develop in quick order, and a campus and-or community may be forced to develop relations in a crisis.
Town-Gown Partnerships for Success
The goal of this PAS memo is to help community and university planners understand their environment. The memo includes case studies from urban areas and small towns.
Town-Gown Relations in a Rural Setting
Relationships between a small college and the rural community in which it resides are very much different from those of the large university located in a metropolitan area. None-the-less, town-gown relations in the rural areas suffer some of the same challenges as in the big cities and schools. Probably one the most important issues in fostering good town-gown relations is open communications.
Town-Gown Relations: Collaboration, Challenges and Successes
This presentation focuses on Northeastern's efforts to improve quality of life issues in off-campus living.
Town-Gown Relations: Six Factors to Make It Stronger...The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!
In the heat of a massive local redevelopment and revitalization undertaking, the Office of Community Engagement at the University of Maryland intensified its mission by working closely with members of the surrounding communities to learn, explore and find ways to address social needs, community assets, and quality of life issues, as expressed by our community partners. 
Town-Gown Report 2013: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2013 Town Gown Report from MIT
Trading Spaces: The Role of Non-traditional Institutions in Traditional Town and Gown Relations
Thomas Edison State College expands their mission to include a deeper commitment to community engagement.
Transformative Partnerships: Realigning Campus Resources to Attain Higher Standards of Neighborhood Livability
Uniquely positioned in the Office of the Dean of Students, the Substance Abuse Prevention Program and the student CommUniversity Program join together to address the root cause of these issues by empowering students to become active participants in the community, creating partnerships with community organizations that build and improve relationships, and utilizing evidence-based strategies to transform neighborhood livability.
Transforming an All-American City into a Knowledge Town
This multi- media presentation shows how traditional partners (and some rivals) created a shared vision and ushered in a period of unprecedented growth that already includes two new downtown hotels, a business incubator, a high-tech start-up, five restaurants, four dorms and a new athletic complex.
Transforming Municipalities Through Student Partnerships
How a student partnership helped bring about a positive change in municipality.
Transforming The Perception – How The University Of Ottawa Successfully Changed The Dialogue: Promoting The Social And Economic Value Of Its Students To Its Neighbouring Communities
In this session you will learn how uOttawa successfully added 1400 beds off-campus (opening 4 new residences) in the span of 24 months with the support of its neighbouring communities and transformed the perception of what it is like to be uOttawa's neighbour.
Transforming The Riverfront In Eugene, Oregon – A City And University Partnership
The presentation will include a history of the city and university’s connections to the riverfront, a summary of complex values and concerns community members express about riverfront development and how these concerns and values have been incorporated into the planning process.
Trends in Fraternity and Sorority Life and the Impact of Reform Measures
Trends in Fraternity and Sorority Life and the Impact of Reform Measures
Trial and Error: The Community Ambassador Program for Today’s Student
Trial and Error: The Community Ambassador Program for Today’s Student
Twenty Years of Sustainable Coalition-Building: Improving Town-Gown Relations One Street at a Time through a Social Justice, Restorative Practices and Community Oriented Approach
In 1996, University of Vermont students worked in partnership with the Office of Student and Community Relations to establish the Community Coalition. The Coalition and its University and City of Burlington partners invest time and effort in neighborhoods utilizing a Street Strategy that focuses on community development. 
Understanding Campus And Community Relationships
Understanding Campus and Community Relations through Marriage and Family Metaphors: A Town Gown Typology
University Cities and What We Can Learn from Them
College towns that have grown up to become University Cities possess unique characteristics that make them a truly distinct species of city, one that is poised to flourish in the knowledge economy, where investment and jobs follow talent rather than the other way around. This session will explore what that means from both city and university perspectives.
University of Georgia Archway Partnership: Connecting higher education resources to community identified needs and opportunities through strategic partnerships, stakeholder investment (MOU), and public service and outreach across the state
This session will outline key elements of the partnership such as faculty in-residence; the MOU process and stakeholder investment criteria; the intentional practice model of civic engagement; outcomes and impacts; and best practices for community-higher education collaboration. 
University-community research collaborations: Building our future partnerships
This session provides insight into different kinds of research relationships and four general strategies for establishing effective research partnerships. Participants will examine the presenter's examples, their own research collaboration experiences, the four strategies, and recommendations related to what facilitates building and sustaining effective research partnerships.
Uplifting Abundance and Responding to Need: Strengthening Community-University Relations through the Launch of the Office of Community Engagement at Marquette University
Attendees learn about the institution’s approach to reducing university/community barriers through community-based programming, the utilization of data to deepen institutional understanding of existing partnerships, and the use of storytelling to strengthening relationship.
Using Youth Performance Art as Civic Intervention on Divisive Issues
The Groovy Projects and the culmination of the project with the We Are Not Our Crime Rate video, an original youth- produced, performing arts project, inspired by a struggle for peace and self- identity among the youth in Flint Michigan. Get techniques for encouraging dialogue on divisive issues and explore credible approaches and doable methods to produce positive social impacts.
VisionFairFaxMason-Community/University Planning Model
The City of Fairfax and George Mason University, in partnership with Northern Virginia Regional Commission, hosted a three day event designed to explore the connectivity, livability and sustainability between Mason and the City’s Historic Downtown. This presentation describes planning process, initial outcomes and next steps.
Washington University’s Neighborhood Liaison Program: Establishing Positive Neighborhood Presence
A presentation about a successful Neighborhood Liaison Initiative at Washington University.
WE ARE ONE: 10 Collaborative CommUniversity Actions for Positive Community Relations
Tempe, Arizona with its population of 161,700 residents is home to the largest university in the nation with an enrollment of 98,000 students. Tempe and Arizona State are sometimes synonymous to most people that live here, given how the university seamlessly comingles within the city. Learn about 10 collaborative actions that promote positive Town and Gown relations from constant communication to welcoming activities to party house suppression.
We've Been Shmacked
We will share the results of the key partnerships’ collaboration and their positive actions that were focused on these two events. Learn more about upcoming initiatives that will be concentrated toward positive outcomes for the “Big 6” weekends.
Wellness Agents: Re-envisioning a collaborative, comprehensive and high-impact community livability, peer wellness program
This presentation will highlight the vision, methodology, and specific example of developing a community livability, peer wellness program - Community Outreach Agents – one of eight content specialization areas that comprise OSU Wellness Agents, an evidence-based peer leadership program designed by OSU Student Health Services. 
West Chester Community Campus Coalition
Learn about the West Chester Community Campus Coalition and their joint initiatives.
What are the Hidden Impacts of Ohio State University and Others on their Local Economy
In the ongoing debate about whether colleges and universities contribute enough to local economies, formal economic impact analyses often use sophisticated models to measure dollar values of regional economic impact and net local fiscal impacts.  Often missing are positive economic impacts related to talent, economic opportunity, property values, vibrant placemaking, and service provision. 
What Does Love Have To Do With It? An exploration in developing community-centered social innovation programming at Yale University
What is the role of love in creating, connecting, and catalyzing vibrant town/gown partnership? In this interactive session Marquita Taylor and Onyeka Obiocha of Yale University will present their findings in building innovative programming with and for the New Haven community.
What I've learned from off-campus canvassing in a college community
When there is a complaint about a loud party in the neighborhood, vandalism, and disruptive behavior by students living in a community, how can it be addressed? This presentation will share how Kent State University staff walks door-to-door, to off campus houses rented by students to proactively provide prevention, risk-reduction, safety, and neighborhood relationship-building activities. 
What is Naloxone?
Take time to learn about the drug that has been saving countless lives in Franklin County. Narcan. It is an opioid antagonist that reverses the effects of an overdose. First Responders in the City of Columbus carry narcan and you can too!
When Conflicts and Divisive Incidents Arise
When Conflicts and Divisive Incidents Arise Key Considerations for Campus Leaders
White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault
Preventing and Addressing Campus Sexual Misconduct: A Guide for University and College Presidents, Chancellors, and Senior Administrators
Working with the Community During a Disaster: University of Iowa, City of Iowa
Learn about the Charlottesville-UVA-Albemarle Emergency Operations Plan.
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