The UK's Most Woke Cities  

How woke is your city? To see how the progressive mindsets of a city's inhabitants shape daily life, Bankrate assessed the wokeness of each UK city using key data points relating to social and environmental issues. The 'wokeness' of a city is defined not only by its recognition of the issues, but how the city  addresses them and enables positive change. 

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ITGA, Census: Inputs, Outreach   

If you are working on Census 2020 activities on your campus and/or in your community, ITGA would like to learn more. Please access this link and add information as appropriate.  Related, ITGA will be co-sponsoring a webinar with the U.S Census Bureau on Sept. 25: 2:30pm-4:00pm (ET). More details soonest. Save the date. 

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