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If you've previously considered an ITGA membership, here's an opportunity to enhance your workplace in 2020. Join ITGA between January 9th and April 4th and save 50 percent off your first year membership when you attend the 2020 ITGA City & University Relations Conference in Boulder, CO, June 1-3. Contact Susan@itga.org for more info.  

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Open Call for Proposals

ITGA is seeking proposals on topics that provide insight into the evolving nature of the work of universities, government entities, and other community partners. The Committee is excited to solicit proposals that embody a wide breath of town-gown challenges and opportunities through the dynamic lens of multiple stakeholders. 

Member Spotlight


Poppy Humphrey: the secrets of off-campus living     

For many working in higher education, we have daily interactions with students, but how much do we really understand the student experience, especially when it comes to living off campus? Learn from Poppy Humphrey as she packs her bags and leaves the comfort of her home to become a student again, living in a shared house 'on location' in Fallowfield, Manchester... for a whole week! 

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