Participate in a COVID-19 Focus Group  

ITGA is beginning a second series of focus groups to explore how COVID-19 is continuing to change and challenge higher education and town and gown relations. Focus groups will address a myriad of topics ranging from student issues to economic development. ITGA members interested are asked to complete this form by Friday, Sept 18.  

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College Towns Fret about Census Count 

Hundreds of thousands on U.S. college students who normally live off campus in non-university housing are being counted for the 2020 census at their parent's homes of other locations when they were supposed to be counted where they go to school. The confusion has enormous implications for college towns. 

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ISU Athletics Proposes Closures, Cuts Due to Budget Deficit 

Iowa State University athletic director Jamie Pollard warned of financial challenges ahead due to the COVID-19 pandemic and said layoffs and the elimination of some sports are under consideration.

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