ITGA has become my “home” association. Each year I enjoy attending the University and Community Relations Conference. The fellowship with colleagues is great but the relevant learning that takes place makes it so worth it. I encourage researchers in public administration, educational leadership, and other related fields to consider this conference as a source of sharing your scholarship and professional experience.

As a first time conference attendee, and a new member to ITGA, I found the conference to be a wonderful blend of insightful information that is pertinent to my line of work, as well as a wonderful networking opportunity. Every attendee was so warm and welcoming. I look forward to many more conferences in my future! 

As a first-year member of ITGA, the conference at Clemson University really set the bar high! It was a great opportunity to meet and collaborate with civic and University leaders from around the country. Each presenter provided new ideas, many of which I brought back to my community!

The ITGA conference is my professional “home away from home” and incredibly valuable. This is the only conference for town-gown professionals to learn the successes, and trials and tribulations, of collaborations in other communities. I’m able to take back to my own community ideas to consider for improving or enhancing relationships and programs. Time well spent!

I was truly impressed with the session offerings, networking opportunities, and the overall spirit of collaboration among participants.  Thank you, Clemson University, and the City of Clemson, for the generous hospitality and overall great conference!

The ITGA University and City Relations Conference is the most relevant and beneficial conference opportunity across our field. The diverse communities that attend, the various perspectives and community/university contexts - these all bring great value to this annual conference. 

The ITGA conference is one that I always look forward to attending.  There are always things to share, learn, and commiserate over with a group of dedicated peers that Get It!  The work that we do in town and gown is unique but offers amazing opportunities for cities and universities to leverage resources, knowledge, and our collective energy to enhance our community.  I am energized by this conference; amazed by the people who attend and freely share knowledge, experience, policy, procedures, and whatever you ask for or need; and am deeply appreciative of the networking and relationships that have been built across the country by attending ITGA conferences.  I hope you will join us!

We, the City of Clemson/Clemson University, were fortunate to host the ITGA twice since the inception of the organization and this past conference was a tremendous success!

Bringing individuals together all across the country in a safe environment produced productive conversations and created a perfect forum to share best practices with each other.

One of the key takeaways for me was to embrace your identity or specifically what makes us unique as a City.  Our differences/uniqueness plays a key role in creating future collaborative partnership/economic opportunities for your City/Town and University/College. We look forward to the next ITGA Conference!

My first ITGA conference was truly one of my favorite experiences (in nearly 30 years of attending countless higher ed conferences) because of the warm and welcoming culture of mentorship, relationship building, and idea sharing.  I am grateful to you all for contributing to that professional network of support and development.  Hope to see you all in CO next year! 

One of the most valuable conferences I have ever attended. Would like to encourage more Canadian Towns and Post Secondary institutions to attend.