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As a member of the ITGA, you are part of a growing network of campus and community members from across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. ITGA is the only professional association that brings together town and gown leaders to address topics of mutual interest, share promising practices and address the most pressing issues facing campus communities today.

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"For the ITGA, one of the things I would share with anybody is there is a wealth of knowledge and ideas that can fit within other communities and other university town-gown communities. The other thing is that everybody wants to share what they’re doing, if they've got a program or a project that they’ve been testing and using, and it seems to be working for them - everyone wants everyone else to go ahead and take it and run with it, if it's something you think that'll work for you. It's kinda like a one-stop shop when it comes to university relationships and town-gown relations."

Steve Patterson, Mayor, Athens, Ohio

“Campus-communities often struggle with similar challenges and share similar triumphs to maintain a healthy quality of life for all residents. University-community professionals need a place to converge, discuss and drive innovative thinking that leads to more vital and liveable neighborhoods. ITGA is that place and continues to lead the way.”

Summur Roberts, Director of Community Engagement, Loyola University Chicago

"The ITGA is a valuable tool for City Planners working in college towns. College towns around the world make up some of the greatest places to live and offer amazing opportunities for people to thrive. Successful integrating cities and universities can present unique challenges. The ITGA provides a window into how cities and universities are working together to address these challenges and welcome students and graduates into supportive and thriving communities."

Tom Fountaine, Manager, Borough of State College

"Being a member of ITGA is a wonderful opportunity to connect with colleagues across the nation and the world. You get to learn from other experts in the industry, share leading practices, approach challenges together and lean on one and other to determine potential solutions. We all know how important successful town-gown relations are to all of our communities, no matter the size of the institution or the community – ITGA provides an accessible platform to learn and share with one another, to encourage innovative ideas to transform communities, and is the most relevant organization for so many. The conferences, the webinar opportunities, the resource center; these are incredibly relevant, key benefits of membership to such a great organization!"

Dilnavaz N. Cama, Department Manager, The Ohio State University

"The ITGA  plays a pivotal role as a partner organization in efforts to raise the profile of college towns on the national stage, and I'm grateful to have the organization in our community's corner when fighting for federal aid. It's an organization that punches above its weight with the help of its partners, the UCC (University Communities Council) and ICMA (International City/County Management Association). As the former Chair of the University Communities Council of the National League of Cities, I can attest to the power of partnerships and the key role the ITGA has played during the pandemic working with the UCC and ICMA to fight for federal funding, an accurate Census count, and the health of our college communities in the face of challenges posed by COVID-19."

Gloria Betcher, City Council Member, Ames, IA: Chair of the University Communities Council, National League of Cities, 2019, 2020

“ITGA provides connections to other professionals in the field of town-gown relations and this is incredibly valuable because most universities have only 1 or 2 people directly working in community relations. This network of professionals in ITGA includes people from universities, municipalities, law enforcement, economic development and beyond and we come together virtually and in person to share ideas, learn from experiences, and brainstorm new ways of addressing emerging challenges and opportunities.  This network is critical to successful town-gown relations in one’s own community.”

Janet Lillie, Assistant Vice President for Community Relations, Michigan State University