8:00 am - 3:00 pm Conference Registration - Hendricks Student Center

9:00 am - 9:45 am: Opening Remarks and Keynote Speaker: Ballroom

Opening comments from ITGA and City of Clemson Mayor Robert Halfacre. Keynote speaker: Lior Rennert, Ph.D. is currently the Assistant Professor, Biostatistics, Department of Public Health Sciences, Clemson University, and has been leading the University's public health strategy and modeling during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, Dr. Rennert has helped lead COVID-19 vaccine distribution and awareness campaigns across Clemson and South Carolina. In 2021, Dr. Rennert was named Clemson University's researcher of the year.  Dr. Rennert will discuss the importance of keeping our university and community safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.


10:00 am-11:00 am: Concurrent Session 1

track1 symbol Track 1: Building Community

Room-HSC A: Title: Student Community Development: A Dialogue on Engagement

Abstract: Join Clemson University Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Chris Miller and Assistant Vice President for Brand Strategy and Community Engagement Kryssa Cooper as they co-lead a robust conversation on the importance of engaging students for the benefit of the communities in which they live and learn. The program will explore holistic student development through professional, personal, spiritual and academic growth opportunities on campus and  within the community. Additional focuses include building coalitions between varied populations — including historically underrepresented and underserved students — and fostering diversity of thought on college campuses through deliberate and civil discourse.

Presenters: Dr. L. Christopher Miller, Vice President and Dean of Students, and Kryssa Cooper,  Assistant Vice President for Brand Strategy and Community Engagement, Clemson University

track2 symbol Track 2: Transforming Relationships

Room-HSC B: Title: Town Gown Collaborations Across the Country: Building partnerships, enrollment, and innovation

Abstract: Case studies from Arapahoe Community College, Valencia College, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Martin, Georgia Southern University, Florida International University, Lipscomb University and Saint Mary’s University will compare innovative partnerships with local businesses and community entities. Presenters will review best practices and lessons learned in developing and maintaining relationships that support their regions, emerging entrepreneurial culture, economic internships, and student involvement in the community. A framework for developing partnership strategies will be used to facilitate an exercise with attendees to develop their own vision.

Presenters: Krisan Osterby, Principal/Campus Planning Leader and Woody Giles, Senior Associate/Senior Planner, DLR Group

 track2 symbol 2: Transforming Relationships 

Room-McKissick: Title: Private Sector University Housing - A New Economic Engine

Abstract: Colleges & universities are America’s economic engines. In college towns across the country, over the past decade, a new trend in student housing has emerged. The private sector student housing industry has exploded as an alternative to campus living. The industry provides hundreds of thousands of beds, in communities of all sizes, in high value buildings adjacent to colleges and universities. These communities and residents have created significant economic growth and are transforming those areas.

Presenters: Jeff Murison, President/CEO, Hillsborough Street Community Service Corporation; Ralph Recchie, Real Estate Manager, City of Raleigh; Rob Bak, Senior Development Manager, Core Space

 track3 symbol 3: Be Well

Room-Peebles: Title: Case Study: How She’s Birdie & Ohio State Teamed Up to Support Safety and Empowerment On and Off Campus

Abstract: Safety is an integral part of wellness. After Amy and Ali each had a child suffer assault, they founded She’s Birdie to create personal safety alarms that empower people. When Ohio State’s off-campus and commuter students felt vulnerable and asked for She’s Birdie alarms, the University listened. We'll explain how The Ohio State University made these tools available to their students and brainstorm together ways that we can accomplish our shared goals of wellness and safety.

Presenters: Amy Ferber and Ali Peters, Cofounders of She's Birdie; Dilnavaz Cama, Dilnavaz Cama, Director, Willie J. Young, Sr., Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement, The Ohio State University Office of Student Life 

11:15 am -12:15 pm: Concurrent Session 2

 track2 symbol Track 2: Transforming Relationships 

Room-HSC A: Title: University of Maryland and City of College Park Demonstrate the Power of Partnership

AbstractThis panel will explore the unique partnership between University of Maryland (UMD) and the City of College Park. Together, we successfully assembled property and built a jointly owned building that houses UMD offices, a new City Hall, and street-level retail and plaza. This partnership illustrates the power of city-university collaboration and can serve as a model for others. We will examine the challenges, lessons learned, and key elements that enabled our partnership to flourish.

Presenters: Edward J. Maginnis, J.D., Assistant Vice President—Real Estate, University of Maryland; Kenny Young, City Manager, MPA, City of College Park, ICMA-CM; Scott R. Vieth, Principal, Design Collective, AIA, LEED BD+C; Katie Hearn, J.D., Senior Vice President, Redgate 

track2 symbol Track 2: Transforming Relationships 

Room-HSC B: Title: A Perfect Storm: Reimagining the Way OSU Works with Property Owners

Abstract: Where do you start when balancing the effects of a pandemic, the opportunity to work with new leadership, executing a program review, and safety challenges all at once? Join us to get a preview of our reimagined organization and learn how The Ohio State University is tackling the challenges of the next generation, starting with the partnership with property owners.   

Presenters: Dilnavaz Cama, Director; Rachel DeMooy, Off-Campus Residential Experience Manager, Willie J. Young, Sr., Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement, The Ohio State University Office of Student Life 

track3 symbol Track 3: Being Well

Room-McKissick: Title: Building Bridges: Identifying and Connecting Partners in Prevention Among Town and Gown Efforts

Abstract: As we work to impact health in our communities, it can often feel like prevention efforts are “outnumbered,” yet there are so many potential partners in prevention that can make a huge difference in successes we achieve.  In this presentation, we will examine potential partners in prevention that can boost the success of campus efforts as well as community efforts.  As we look at ways to build bridges that connect partners in prevention, we will also discuss ways to put a spotlight on ones already there.

Presenter: Jason Kilmer, Ph.D., Associate professor, Psychiatry & Behavioral Services, University of Washington School of Medicine

track4 symbolTrack 4: Crisis Management 

Room-Vickery 100: Title: Crucible Moments: Leading When It Matters Most

Abstract: How do you prepare for the unthinkable? What happens when an event goes beyond your normal capacity relating to plans, resources, and experience? What distinguishes between a response and reaction, and why does it matter? In today’s violate environment, these are all questions that leaders must ask themselves and have solid answers. This session will define crucible events, discuss the importance of understanding the difference between events that can be addressed using tried and true technical plans and checklist compared to those that are so complex that they need a different type of thinking and leadership to be effective. These elements will be illustrated through a short case study to assist attendees gain practical insight into what it takes to assist communities when the unthinkable occurs. 

Presenter: Chief Greg Mullen, Associate VP for Public Safety, Clemson University

12:15 pm - 1:30 pm: Lunch and Keynote Speaker: Ballroom

Keynote Speaker: Tia n. Dumas, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Strategic Alliances in the Office of the Provost, Clemson University. During her tenure,  Dr. Dumas established the Grad 360° professional development program to help support Clemson's graduate students and postdocs pursuing diverse career pathways. Dumas will discuss "Multiplying Our Strengths by Diversifying Our Academic Workforce."

1:45 pm - 2:45 pm: Concurrent Session 3

track1 symbol Track 1: Building Community

Room-McKissick: Title: Montgomery College: A Case Study Revisited. Community-Based Engagement, Strategic Leadership, and Collaboration During COVID-19 and Beyond

Abstract: When engaging community members in large-scale planning initiatives, achieving consensus is a high and often impossible hurdle. Join LINK Strategic Partners as they host a panel discussion with representatives from Montgomery College and their primary construction partner Barton Malow Builders, LLC to discuss their innovative approach to collaboration. Learn how a shared commitment to the community as part of their core values, led to the creation of mutually agreed-upon “construction considerations” which provided a framework for guided decision-making and communications. 

Presenters:  Poppy Humphrey, Director of Community Engagement, and Kennedy Chester, Project Manager, LINK Strategic Partners; Susan Madden, Chief Government Relations Officer, Montgomery College; David Coleman, Project Director, Barton Malow Builders, LLC 

track2 symbol Track 2: Transforming Relationships 

Room-HSC A: Title: United We Stand: The Relationship between Strong Town-Gown Relationships and Economic Development

Abstract: Investments supporting local institutions of higher education pay dividends to surrounding city, village and county economies, especially during challenging times, like the COVID-19 pandemic. This panel will discuss challenges along with successful town-gown programs and projects that delivered economic development impact, as well as how partnering with organizations such as the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) is key to maximizing the positive effect of colleges and universities on the local economy and society.

Presenters: Steve Patterson, Mayor, Athens Ohio and ITGA President-Elect; Dr. Hugh Sherman, President, Ohio University; Amista Naylor Lipot, Director of External Relations and Strategic Partnerships; Alvaro J. Muñiz, J.D., Director, International Community, and Economic Engagement

track2 symbol Track 2: Transforming Relationships 

Room-Vickery 100: Title: Working to Deliver Award Winning Services in a Championship Community

Abstract: Within the smallest county east of the Mississippi River, Athens-Clarke County and the University of Georgia collaborate on many community efforts, including public safety and public transportation. Working together is more efficient and effective – but a successful collaboration also involves months of conversations, planning and the occasional road bumps that threaten the efforts. Learn how the ACC Gov and UGA Police departments and transit systems overcome the difficult moments to provide quality services to the home of the #1 Georgia Bulldogs.

Presenters: Alison Bracewell McCullick, Director of Community Relations, and Alton M. Standifer, Deputy Chief of Staff in the Office of the President, University of Georgia; Josh Edwards, Assistant County Manager, and Niki Jones, Assistant County Manager, Athens-Clarke County 

track3 symbol Track 3: Being Well

Room: HSC B: Title: The Use of Virtual Training to Address Harms from Off-Campus Parties

Abstract: The Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery (HECAOD), with support from ITGA’s 2025 Initiative, developed an online course addressing drinking harms at off-campus parties. This session will provide a background of the “Craft of Creating a Fun Party” modules and their development process, explore key components intended to train hosts and guests how to reduce harms from high-risk drinking, and discuss the outcomes from its clinical trial.

Presenters: Cindy Clouner, Managing Director, and Dr. James Lange, Executive Director, Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm: Concurrent Session 4

track1 symbolTrack 1: Building Community

Room-HSC A: Title: More than Tuition: City-University Partnerships to Meet Students’ Basic Needs

Abstract: Today, 58 percent of college and university students are struggling to meet their basic needs when it comes to food, housing, transportation, childcare, mental health, and even digital access. In this session, you will learn from leading cities and institutions brought together by the National League of Cities to address this urgent problem, and gain practical perspectives from local leaders on how to help students in your community stay on track to college success.  

Presenters: Mike Bartlett, Program Manager, Postsecondary and Workforce Success; Dr. Mary Haskett, Professor, Department of Psychology, NC State University; Cathey J. Ector-Cox, Youth Services and Raleigh Pathways Center Manager, Housing & Neighborhoods Department, City of Raleigh; Madison Reese, AmeriCorps VISTA, NC Cooperative Extension-Wake County Center 

track1 symbol Track 1: Building Community

Room-McKissick: Title: Living our Mission: Providing Relief from Homelessness through Temporary, On-Campus Shelter

Abstract: Regis University opened a humane shelter for people needing temporary emergency housing exacerbated by the pandemic. The Safe Outdoor Space (SOS) is located in a parking lot on the University’s campus through June 30, 2022. The SOS offers 24/7 staffed and secured shelter for up to 60 people, who are screened and selected by our partner service agencies. The facility offers residents shelter, beds, food, wellness checks and assistance for finding stable and permanent housing. 

Presenter: Jenna Farley, Director of Community Relations, Regis University

track3 symbol Track 3: Being Well

Room-HSC B: Title: Building Community in Light of a Pandemic 

Abstract: In light of COVID-19, Universities are focusing on how best to support students and ensure success and well-being. Our initiative focuses on connecting students to resources in their community to help students feel safe and valued in their community. This leads to students who are more willing to provide services to others in their community and who work to enact beneficial change. This session will provide a toolkit for building community connections and strengthening the global community. 

Presenters: Stephanie Salazar, Executive Director of Off-Campus Relations, and Rylie Seidl, Management Intern, Off-Campus Relations Team, Arizona State University

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm: Evening Reception at the Snow Outdoor Fitness & Wellness Center

Join us for the reception at Andy's at the Snow Family Outdoor Fitness & Wellness Complex on Monday night, June 6 from 6-8 pm. The Snow Complex is the University’s lakefront recreational area and is emerging as one of the finest outdoor facilities in the nation. Open to all conference attendees.