8:00 am - 3:00 pm Conference Registration: Hendricks Student Center

9:00 am - 9:45 am - Opening Comments and Keynote Speaker: Ballroom

Keynote Speaker: Scott Baier, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Department of the John E. Walker Department of Economics at Clemson University.  Professor Baier’s research interests include the causes and consequences of globalization, the economic impact of free trade agreements, and economic growth. From 2007 to 2008, he served as a Senior Economist on the President’s Council of Economic Advisors under George W. Bush. From 1999 to 2012, Scott was a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta. He has also served as a consultant to the Congressional Budget Office, the United States International Trade Commission, USAID. Dr. Baier will discuss the state of the economy and its impact on college towns.

10:00 am - 11:00 am: Concurrent Session 5

 track1 symbol Track 1: Building Community

Room-HSC B: Title: National trends in Community-University Partnerships to Advance Practice and Scholarship

Abstract: This presentation will share a high-level overview of community engagement data and cultural trends across a national network of 40+ colleges and universities. We will present evidence of who is doing what, with whom, and for what purposes across the country, share an analysis of how institutions strategically align data collection and use with institutional priorities, and highlight the various ways institutions lay the groundwork for attainable, sustainable, and transformative change on their campuses. 

Presenter: Kristin Medlin oversees Collaboratory's research and development efforts that support, promote, and enhance the field of study related to higher education community engagement

track2 symbol Track 2: Transforming Relationships 

Room-HSC A: Title: Joint City University Advisory Board: A Case Study in Creating Sustainable Partnerships

Abstract: The City of Clemson and Clemson University established a Joint City University Advisory Board in 1984. This session will talk about how the Board was established, how the Board has had to adapt to remain relevant and productive over time, as well as give tips and tricks on how to establish and sustain a joint board in your community. 

Presenters: Andy Blondeau, City Administrator, City of Clemson; Johnson Link, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Clemson University

 track2 symbol Track 2: Transforming Relationships 

Room-McKissick: Title: Bridging the Gap between Off-Campus Stakeholders: Improving Engagement, Education, and Communication for Student Tenants and Their Landlords 

Abstract: Relationships between universities, landlords, and student tenants can look completely different across the world, and being able to influence the relationships that these three stakeholders have with one another can make the difference between a student’s successes and challenges during their off-campus living experience. Utilizing an innovative form of communication and engagement, CU Boulder is able to educate landlords on how best to engage with student tenants, while aligning with institutional goals. This alignment has led to fewer conduct cases, better informed tenants, increased use of institutional resources, and better communication lines between the school and the property managers who rent to our students. 

Presenter: Jeff Morris, Director, Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations, University of Colorado, Boulder

track3 symbol Track 3: Being Well

Room-Peebles: Title: Resilience Through Our Modern Chaos

Abstract: We’re building this plane while we’re flying it. When someone leaves it takes an average of six months to replace the position. Things change so fast that our discussion this morning is already old news. If these sound familiar, this presentation is for you! Presenters will facilitate an environment of understanding with shared experiences with topics including resiliency, isolation, boundaries, prioritization, self-care and more. Join us in our modern chaos and give yourself a chance to come out on the other side knowing you’re not alone and with some tools to help yourself.

Presenters: Joan Dickinson, Assistant Vice President for University and Hospital Community Relations, Stony Brook University; Todd Kamenash,  Associate Dean of Conduct and Community Engagement, Kent State University

11:15 am - 12:15 pm: Concurrent Session 6

track1 symbolTrack 1:  Building Community       

Room-HSC A: Title: The Changing Face of Student Leadership: Empowering the Next Generation

Abstract: The goal of college education is to shape the next generation of positive, strong, and empowered leaders. Hear from this dynamic panel of student leaders, as they share their thoughts on the experiences of the past two years, and the implications for student leadership and the future of student life. We are all part of the solution for effective town gown strategies.

Panelists: Jamal Holtz, Moderator, Link Strategic Partners and Former Students’ Association President, University of Rochester; Thomas Newell, Senate President and Johnson Link, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Clemson University. 

track1 symbol Track 1: Building Community

Room-McKissick: Title: Play Ames: Imagine Your City--A City-University Partnership to Increase Engagement with Underrepresented Groups

Abstract: A partnership between Iowa State University's Community and Regional Planning Department and the City of Ames resulted in an innovative way to engage underrepresented and marginalized groups in urban planning. The student-planned, student-executed Play Ames: Imagine Your City community engagement festival presented a set of learning and engagement activities designed specifically to reach the targeted audience. This type of festival is a positive example of playful community engagement that other college communities can replicate. 

Presenters: Dr. Gloria Betcher, City Council Representative for Ames, IA, Teaching Professor, Iowa State University (ISU), Past Chair of the National League of Cities' University Communities Council

track3 symbol Track 3: Being Well

Room-HSC B: Title: Alcohol Prevention in the Time of COVID: A Survey of ITGA Colleges and Universities

Abstract: Many universities adjusted or curtailed their alcohol prevention work after the COVID-19 pandemic began. In August 2022, ITGA surveyed its member institutions to document changes made for the 2020-2021 academic year, which adaptations were to be retained once in-person classes resumed, and other innovations or changes being planned for the upcoming academic year because of the pandemic. This session will cover the survey findings, highlight especially innovative solutions, and discuss lessons learned and future directions. 

Presenter: William DeJong, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine, reviewer of Great Plays grant applications for ITGA

track4 symbolTrack 4: Crisis Management 

Room-Vickery 100: Title: Common Operating Pictures: How Clemson University Tells a Story

Each event regardless of whether it is an emergency or not, affects the community in some way. Over the past year, Clemson University and the surrounding community have been involved in events ranging from small parades and national known speakers to large sporting events. Each required the community as a whole to engage and support each other with resources, manpower, and information. The lessons learned for each event reinforced the need for an efficient flow of information and story created by a common operating picture.

Presenters: Matt Rall, Emergency Management Coordinator, Clemson University 

12:15 pm - 1:30 pm: Lunch and Business Meeting: Ballroom

Attend this business lunch and learn more about ITGA, the recipients of the ITGA Presidential Excellence Award, and the host of the 2023 ITGA Conference! We will share highlights of the Inaugural Campus & Community Day and the social media contest and much more! This is another opportunity to network with your peers and meet new colleagues.        

1:45 pm - 2:45 pm: Concurrent Session 7

track1 symbolTrack 1: Building Community

Room-McKissick: Title: Creating a pathway to the Perfect Union aka “The Four Pillars”

Abstract: Historically, universities and their surrounding communities have failed to work cooperatively to address common problems because of their inherently different missions. Princess Anne is no different, each of the pillars has sought to address an issue single-handedly without seeking assistance. With an ever changing demographic, the need to strategically begin looking at ways to enhance and strengthen our bonds is critical. The collaborative methods used focus on an improved and engaged quality and lead to “The Pathway to a More Perfect Union.” 

Presenters: Walter W. Woods, Coordinator for Outreach and Strategic Initiatives, University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Clayton Anderson, Town Manager, Princess Anne 

track1 symbol Track 1: Building Community

Room-HSC A: Title: ITGA’s (Draft) Diversity Statement (Come-and-Go Feedback Session)

Abstract: Did you know ITGA is developing a Diversity Statement? Stop by this informal, come-and-go session to learn about the ITGA Racial Justice and Equity Committee’s efforts with the creation of the ITGA diversity statement and offer your feedback. ITGA values your input and this session will help inform the final draft. Come join the fun!

Presenters: Summur Roberts, Director, Office of Neighborhood Initiatives, Loyola University Chicago; Nicole Prewitt, Ed.D., Director of Programs and Partnerships for Community Engagement, The University of Alabama; Charima Young, Assistant Vice President for Local Government and Community Relations, Pennsylvania State University; Elinor Landess, Assistant Dean of Students for Off Campus & Community Housing, Duke University; Aaron Bachenheimer, Ed.D., Executive Director of Off-Campus Student Life and Community Partnerships, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

track2 symbolTrack 2: Transforming Relationships

Room-Vickery 100: Title: Skating on Thin Ice: A Holistic Town & Gown Approach

Abstract: The City of Kent and Kent State University are two interconnected and complex entities with multiple missions, differing leadership structures, shared populations, and varying business, political, and social constructs. This presentation will highlight recent ventures and joint projects. Examples that will be shared include canvassing for safety pertaining to off campus high risk parties, the establishment of a public ice rink downtown, joint COVID response, real estate and construction projects, the challenges of social movement issues on campus and in the community, and more.

Presenters: Todd Kamenash, Associate Dean of Students, and Dana Lawless-Andric, Ph.D., Associate Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion Leadership, Kent State University

track3 symbol Track 3: Being Well

Room: HSC B: Title: Great Plays at Carolina: A Value-Added Partnership

Abstract: Does your alcohol prevention program need a boost of creativity? Are you struggling to fund innovative pilot programs? At the University of South Carolina, Molson Coors’ Great Plays program provided the opportunity to create new partnerships and innovative prevention messaging. We describe the Great Plays grant program, the multitiered strategies we utilized to increase students’ awareness of the signs of alcohol overdose and the University’s Good Samaritan policy, and the initiative’s impact on our campus. 

Presenters: Aimee Hourigan, Director, Substance Abuse Prevention and Education, University of South Carolina; William DeJong, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine and reviewer of Great Plays grant applications for ITGA

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm: Concurrent Session 8

 track1 symbol Track 1: Building Communities

Room-HSC A: Title: Off Campus Accountability Without Law Enforcement: Research on Strategies From Across the U.S. 

Abstract: Many communities are seeking ways to reduce the presence of law enforcement in non-emergency situations. At the same, university communities are also asked to prevent and/or ensure accountability for loud and disruptive parties. A student research team at UNC-Chapel Hill interviewed communities across the U.S. about strategies they’ve used to address off campus behavior without law enforcement intervention. The research team will share their findings and invite discussion on this ever-present challenge.

Presenters: Elinor Landess,  Assistant Dean of Students for Off Campus & Community Housing, Duke University; Amanda Lee, UNC-Chapel Hill, Public Policy Major, Class of 2022; Cameron Samek, UNC-Chapel Hill, Public Policy Major, Class of 2022

track2 symbol Track 2: Transforming Relationships

Room-Peebles: Title: 10 years later, a look back at the Georgetown Community Partnership

Abstract: The Georgetown Community Partnership (GCP) has transformed the way Georgetown University engages in campus planning, community engagement (especially with our local neighborhood community), and supporting students off-campus. The GCP was created as part of Georgetown University’s 2012-2017 Campus Plan to facilitate discussion, information sharing, and consensus-based decision-making to support implementation of the University’s campus plan. The GCP focuses on results-oriented solutions to issues of shared concern between the University and the community. Through the GCP, Georgetown University collaborates on long-term planning with the community and the city. This presentation will discuss the process of creating the GCP, the structure and rules of the GCP, accomplishments over the past 10 years, and lessons learned for University professional staff in community relations, student affairs, or campus planning. 

Presenter: Cory Peterson, Director of Neighborhood Life and Gwen Coleman, Community Director, Georgetown University

 track3 symbol Track 3: Being Well

Room-HSC B: Title: Uncovering, Preserving, Sharing and Celebrating Local African American History

Abstract: The Clemson Area African American Museum (CAAAM), the only cultural institution  in the City of Clemson devoted to local African American history in upstate South Carolina, is a member of the Call My Name Coalition. This panel will discuss how CAAAM and the Coalition collaborate with Clemson University’s Dr. Rhondda Thomas and Woodland Cemetery Project to recover, preserve, and tell stories about the many contributions of African Americans in building Clemson University and local communities. 

Presenters: Angela Agard, CAAAM Executive Director, City of Clemson; Rhondda Thomas, Ph.D., Calhoun Lemon Professor of Literature, Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design, Clemson University  

track3 symbol Track 3: Being Well

Room-McKissick: Title: Community Corners in Milwaukee's Near West Side

Abstract: At the busiest crossroads in the city, Community Corners offer opportunities for connection and belonging. Tri-sector partnerships in Milwaukee’s Near West Side have modeled development of pedestrian-friendly public spaces through community-engaged planning and research. Over 2021-2022, neighborhood stakeholders studied best practices for intersection design, identified locations in need of safety and accessibility improvements, and supported city leaders in re-engineering roadways to prioritize the wellness of underrepresented residents.

Panelists: Patrick Kennelly, Director of Marquette University's Center for Peacemaking, Principal Investigator, Near West Side Partners' signature grant program, Promoting Assets and Reducing Crime; Ben Koziol, MBA student, Marquette University’s Graduate School of Management and the Bud Frankel Memorial Fellow, Marquette’s Center for Peacemaking

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm: Tours

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm: Experience Downtown